Cant Remove the Shared places

so, this bug is there since the team studio was released but now i decide to report it cause it is really annoying, every time someone hire you for work on something they invite you to a team studio them later they turn off the team create mode and u are unable to delete the place from the “Shared with me”

places that i dont have more acess and can’t remove it from shared with me.

basicaly while the time pass players will have more and more places that can’t be deleted from the shared list.

well, to reproduce it, basicly u just click to remove the place, but i think it only happen when the owner of the place disable TC and dont remove you from the TC members.

TC-Team Create


I don’t know If I can reproduce this but I’ll try later and I’ll update this reply.

idk if this got aready for the enginering team or not.
but still happen

and with u? u managed to replicate it ?

Please format your bug report professionally and make sure all the steps here are present in your report:

Include any relevant information (i.e. links to games you can’t delete, when did this start happening, etc.)

Bug reports that aren’t actionable are unlikely to be processed by engineering.

thank’s i’ve updated the post.

I also have places under the “Shared with me” tab that I no longer have access to, that I can’t delete. I receive the same popup as you do. Not an enormous deal, but it is kind of annoying how I can’t get rid of them(especially since I no longer have editing access).

Yeah it does happen to me