Can't Seem to Figure out how To Create Car

I’ve spent 2 hours browsing the web and frustratingly tinkering in studio.
I first tried following this tutorial, but the videos were tremendously slow and difficult to focus on

I did all the constraints and stuff and my car ended up not working.
Then, I used the roblox jeep free model and attached it to my existing car build, and modified some stuff, and the wheels ended up disappearing and the car was too fast and the turnspeed was too bad
I don’t need to post the stuff I did because they’re all not going to work i need a quick and good solution to this problem

How come one of the simplest and most trivial things I mess up as a 4 year scripter and developer?
I can script a maze generation algorithm and build top quality hallways but not a freaking car?

Hmm, yeah I see your frustrations

Here is my solution to the basic car kit place file. I made it into a local script (to avoid server lag and see if it would still work) and tweaked the torque and speed a bit. Plus there are other chassis on the dev forum like this other constraint chassis so maybe check it out.

CarKit (1).rbxl (57.5 KB)

If it’s any consolation cars are actually pretty tough to script there are way too many ways to do it with many pros and cons for each. People spend months figuring out and tweaking a car to make it realistic, enjoyable, and especially work with the physics system which Roblox arguable does not do a good job teaching what the forces represent like gravity.

Here is my research on the subject matter, maybe it’ll help.

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Where did you place the DriveScript that was in the model kit?
Are you getting any errors in the Output window?

I built the model from the instructions and it worked just fine. Make sure you rename the wheel Models properly and don’t group anything out of the Workspace into a separate model.

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You have to put a drivescript in vehicles now? Last time I checked all you needed was a wheel with hinges and a vehicleseat part. Now that that doesn’t even work I have to do all this complicated constraint stuff I don’t even understand

It took me a while to figure it out since I was used to putting Hinge surfaces on wheels and having the VehicleSeat automatically recognize them and what side of the car they were on. The learning curve was kind of tough at first since you couldn’t just place the Constraints in Studio, you had to create them with scripts, then have scripts that controlled them. After learning those skills it definitely increased my very basic understanding of scripting though!
Did you get it to work with the script?

This is the same problem I had a few weeks ago, But I overcame It which im sure of, Here are some good things to do:

Search up about ROBLOX Velocity, It’s what makes parts move.

Absolutely no luck with this. My frontleft wheel apparently teleports to my frontright wheel and the whole thing doesn’t turn

Ah **** it, I’ll just send the model
carmodel.rbxm (19.5 KB)

Found your problem it’s with how you attach the constraints.

Problem was caused by not moving the wheel mount of the FL wheel.

There’s also multitudes of other constraint setup issues like the axis setup but with the attachments are named the same way it’s way too cumbersome to fix.

I can only suggest now to refollow the basic car kit tutorial to see how constraints work as that’s how I learnt it.

If you think the videos are slow you can just skip ahead in the video as yeah there’s a lot of gap time in order to make the video slower and supposedly easier to follow. You don’t need to watch the full video only the part where they place the constraints.

Yes, make sure you follow the video step by step. Don’t do things like create the HingeConstraint then copy the wheel model after that since you are copying that original Constraint, not making a whole new one.
The first time messing with Constraints can be a pain, but don’t give up!
The tutorial is passing along a lot of information, but if you don’t follow each step as they present it then it will mess up.