Can't think of any flooring ideas

Hi! I’ve been asking in many discord servers for help on what should be a simple question, but it seems like everybody who responds just isn’t giving ‘bright’ ideas. So, last resort, came here. Any ideas?

( This is a restaurant/cafe building. )


Try making the sign more noticeable. The red, glowing “Tim Horton’s” sign is a little hard to see because of the size and location. It would also be better if more textures and shades of colors were used. ex) different shades of red, maybe concrete support beams. Also, add more details like maybe an overhang at the entrance i guess.


Okay, got any ideas for the flooring?


ah maybe a wooden plank floor with carpets below tables or to serve as paths, try to add walls to the interior to make it feel less empty aswell.


If you want a fancy restaurant/cafe, I would definitely go with a grey marble flooring. Some sort of tile would go great with it.


I’m guessing the theme you’re going for is the famous Canadian coffee chain. Tim Hortons usually has a tan/dark brown/maroon theme going about it.

I’d probably leave the flooring be until you’ve planned out the interior a bit first, where certain rooms are going, etc. I can’t give you an idea of what you want given I’m not sure what your interior is going to be. Usually, multiple floor-styles are depending on specific rooms and whatnot.

One last thing, but try toning down the exterior colors a bit, the very saturated red doesn’t look very natural. Colors don’t usually look saturated on exteriors given that when exposed to nature they tend to fade into a very bright pigment due to UV Degradation(unless well maintained). I’d suggest using darker, less saturated colors to nail down a nice realistic palette.

Edit: Forgot to mention, but you could always try to color-pick an image of the exterior color you’re looking for. I’d experiment a little.


You may question this but why not do checkered flooring?

Add some Cylinders one on each corner of every square like so:


Or you could do checkers like these with rounded squares on each corner:


106, 57, 9
160, 95, 53
105, 64, 40


If you are a nature guy, you can make the floor grass and add a pebble pathway on it with a few trees, maybe bushes, and rocks.


You can get a nice wooden flooring, do a texture and combine it with roblox materials, it looks amazing!


You can try go more futuristic using Hexagon shape tiles and put neon part under it to make it bright, or you can do a low poly type tile design where you put long tiles and short tiles alternatively creating a pattern, or you can do the same design with wooden planks and do not have to do it low poly (smooth plastic).


In my honest opinion, what works best for me is to originally plan out where my flooring will go, before putting up all my walls and exterior. I do this to make sure that I have the option to add in multiple different floorings if I need them, and it also helps out with the scale.

Often I won’t actually decorate the flooring, but I’ll simply just give each section a different colour. Then, I know I won’t forget anything and make the rest of the building disproportionate. Whilst you’ve already built the walls, I would suggest a mixture of different floor types. And hey, you can add borders around each floor section to spruce it up so they don’t clash!

Sometimes I’ll add different coloured sections where I want different flooring to go. There’s lots of factors that go into considering this, but it’s important to get it right! Normally when I make Cafes, I like to also section out where customers will wait for their food, and the kitchen area too. Then I’ll create the flooring after I’ve done everything else!

This is an example of what I’m trying to talk about. Having the same wooden flooring throughout becomes very boring and repetitive, so make sure you consider it. Your flooring can very much have an impact on your interior greatly, as it’s one of the first things people will notice when they enter your building.

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Judging by the sign at the front of the building, it looks like you’re making a “Tim Hortons” themed restaurant. In that case, it might be a nice idea to create a style of flooring seen in actual Tim Hortons fast food establishments for an added touch of realism.

There aren’t any Tim Hortons in my country but after some quick research, I managed to find the following photographs of different floor types seen in their restaurants.

Pentagonal Pattern


White Tiles

Brown Vinyl

Personally, I quite like the pentagonal pattern flooring but that style would likely be the most difficult to replicate. If you’re looking for something simpler, the reflective brown vinyl look might be the easiest to create.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration!



While I love your thought and idea, I tried it out and saw that it causes a lot of lag. I was going to try to make it in Blender instead, however it would still be a pain since the building is very big, I don’t think this area repeated would look very good.


Where do you think I could get some good wood floor textures?

That is a good idea! I decided to try that for some fancy floor lighting on the edges.


While I like that idea, I am not very creative, and the building is very large. I can’t think of any places where the flooring would change or be a good design to be honest.


Yes this would be a Tim Hortons, I like your ideas, however, they’re probably very laggy ideas besides the Vinyl. How would I go about using a Vinyl floor?


I highly suggest finding an actual texture, rather than actually building a floor. Building for example a wood plank floor will take alot more bricks than if you just had one texture.


You should be able to avoid any instances of lag by incorporating Texture objects. These are essentially decals that repeat themselves as you resize the part they’re attached to. With the correct texture design, such as a repeatable tile texture, these should work quite well on the floor of your restaurant because of its rectangular shapes.

A vinyl floor pattern could be created using the same method but with a repeatable vinyl texture. Alternatively, you could try setting the floor parts to a suitable colour and adjusting their reflectiveness until you create a glossy effect that resembles the look of vinyl flooring.


For flooring ideas, I recommend:

1* Use custom textures and make the floor cobblestone or brick-like (good for paths)

2* Use the Roblox preset materials and make a mixture. Play around with the different materials and combine them until you find something you like.

Now for the inside of the cafe/restaurant
I recommend using either wooden planks (aesthetic purposes) or use the classical fabric carpet texture. Try to make the colors match the theme, or else the entire flooring will look funny.

I hope this helped :upside_down_face:
If this wasn’t what you wanted, sorry :neutral_face:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I’d be more than happy to answer :smile:


Did you try unions? Unions would reduce part count and lag.


Unions can only visually reduce part count, but all the triangles are still there. Most would argue that unions are laggier than using normal parts, so it’s probably best to just use textures.


My local Tim Horton’s uses tiles for flooring, even most Tim Horton’s I went to has tiles, in my opinion I would go for tiles.

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