CaptainD_veloper Scripting Portfolio

About me

Hello, I am CaptainD_veloper, aka Captain! I am an advanced scripter, and I joined roblox in 2016. I can script things from UI’s and Datastores to guns and complex systems, but I am always happy to learn something new.


Placement System

This is a placement system that uses the block the mouse is on to position itself.
This can place either models or parts, and has keybinded rotation plus delete.

Hovercraft Vehicle System

This was a commission system that I made. It hovers 4-6 studs above the object under it.
The model was not made by me.
This system uses keybinds and remote events for player input and uses raycasts for object detection. For its movement, this hovercraft uses BodyVelocity, BodyGyro, and Angular Velocity.

Pathfinding NPC

These are pathfinding NPC’s that start at random locations and go around to random points, all controlled by 1 script.
This system uses basic pathfinding and random numbers for controlling the npc’s.

Audio Wave Visualizer

This is a fully customizable audio wave visualizer system that shows audio waves of a song as it goes on.
This system uses Playback loudness and some math to make it work.
You can take it for free on this post:
Audio Wave Visualizer

Twitter Codes System

This is a codes system in which codes are datastored and can only be used once. You can easily add and remove codes in this system.
This system uses table datastores and FindFirstChild to see if a code has been used. Remote functions and events are used for the gui-server communication.

Yondu's Arrow(From Guardians of the galaxy)

This was inspired by a twitter post from someone making the arrow on a different programming platform, so I decided to make one of my own on roblox.
This arrow uses TweenPosition to make it work.

More Information

This was some of my past work, and I hope you liked it. If you didn’t, I accept all constructive criticism. If you wish to hire me, my contact info is below this. I will be happy to give you some code for these items, or you can purchase them by commissioning me. If you need more proof that I can do your certain task, I will be happy to make a sample of your task. I will try to keep building this portfolio as time goes on. I do not need pay first, but wish to be paid half midway of the task.


I accept robux and %. I only accept commission jobs above 5k, and % only 20%+.

Contact info

You can contact me on devforum, roblox, or discord: Captain#1855
Thank you for reading this and feel free to leave a reply!


I highly recommend @CaptainD_veloper! I have worked with him in the past,and he’s absolutely great at what he does!!


Alright, I’m not going to try to pass this message off as a professional recommendation by any means, as I am the LEAST bit professional of probably anyone else here. However, @CaptainD_veloper really did a good job on a vague description of what I wanted completed, and helped me understand and change my preferences on that commission. Really great work, also good to mention that it took him under two hours to complete something that would’ve taken me much, MUCH longer.


I am having an commision for you soon, adding you :smiley:

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Commissioned Captain to Create an in game script for me, He did a great job. Captain was fast with his work and communication, I will be hiring again to have him work on my games in the future!

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Fast and quality scripting. Great communication to help ensure you receive what you need. Definitely skilled with lua and I 100% recommend to anyone in need of a commission!


Did a very good job with scripting some assets for me. If you’re looking for quality work, then he’s the right guy for you.

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I DMed you on discord. :smiley:

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i would like to buy the hovercraft vehicle system

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I’ve DMed you via discord. nano#1413

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I love your work! Please contact me on Discord!

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I am interested in your work. Do you accept USD?

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Yes, I do. Thanks for asking because I forgot to mention this.

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Alright, I sent you a friend request on Discord @BaconPoutine#0001. I look forward to working with you, if you accept.

Greetings, I am JaymarThePG or Jay for short, me and my dev team are currently in need of an ADVANCED scripter with experience scripting the following:

-Advanced Gun System


-Shop system

-Skins System

-Crate opening system-

-VIP System

-Much More

I have listed the basic needs above on what is required for us to hire you in our development team. If you are not capable of scripting everything listed, please let me know what you can or desire to specifically script thanks. I also added you on discord at JaymarThePG#9999

Are you open for projects? Thanks.

Dmed you again Captain Looking for some assitance! Check your Discord.

I am interested! I have added you on discord. My username is BPilot253#3969