Car Crashing Simulator Official Credits + Imformanion

This is the Official Credits + Imformanion page Car Crashing Simulator.


@leftyjrc - Head game designer
@Grinch_1978 - UI designer
Other people that can be found below!

About the Game

Me ( @Grinch_1978 ) and @leftyjrc decided to make a car crashing simulator on roblox for the community. We have reached over 3, visits from you guys! We couldnt be more grateful! :slight_smile:

About updates

Due to Coronavirus (COVID - 19) we have more free time, so we have more time to update!

Awesome Assests

Custom Chat - By @oskxzr
Over-head Username and Display Name - By @TheSuzerain

View the update log here!

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for coming here. Stay safe!

:eyes: Keep an eye out for updates!