Open Source: Winky's Custom Chat

Hey developers!

I’ve made this custom chat (live on stream, and I’ve decided to open source it!
UI was created by @Techyfied, go check him out and maybe even commission him.

How it works...

1: When the player presses enter or the send button, the client fires a remote event that tells the server that someone has chatted.
2: The server checks if the player can send a message (spam prevention)
3: The server loops through all the players, fitlers it and sends it to each player using :FireClient(). You can read about why I did each player individually instead of :FireAllClients here:
4: The client receives the event, clones a template, tweens the other frames and then tweens the cloned template.

Model link:

Setting up:

1: Move “ChatServer” to ServerScriptService
2: Move “ChatEvent” to ReplicatedStorage
3: Move “CustomChat” to StarterGui
4: Edit the configuration in the “ChatServer” script
4: Add “Our game uses Winky_y’s Custom Chat” to your game description (Optional but appreciated)


Have fun, and happy developing!


Done some quick bug fixes.

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For some reason this strangely reminds me of alvinblox’s chat he made on his livestream, But other than that good job! It looks really good :slight_smile:


The send button looks a bit cramped. Other than that, it’s good!

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Slightly inspired… I did used completely different display method tho and mine looks a little cleaner.


I will definitely be using this, it looks very nice, Ill put the credits in the Description and In-Game credits menu.

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I’d reccomend waiting a little bit before implementing this so I can fix a few bugs that have been reported to me.

then you die. all the chat that was made goes away… why?

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on the chat for the last couple of hours. Here are some things that I changed…

  • When you die, the chat no longer resets. (@sharkefex)
  • I changed the send button a little.
  • I’ve added gamepass support in the form of a gamepass array, you should be able to figure this out when you test the model. (in the “ChatServer” script)
  • I’ve added some more text color configuration.
  • I am working on a model icon, but I am not 100% sure how I go about this.

Please let me know what else you’d like to see! I am excited to be working on this model for y’all!

Model link:


lol seriously doe thank you

also please make it so:

  • HD admi works with the chat
  • You can dance

I’m using this in my game for sure! Great job!

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I love this chat system, it looks amazing.

I adding somethings to it for people who might want to have Specific users to have the chat colors

Server script:

local Players = {
	[191365019] = {
		['Prefix'] = "[SMALL]",
		['NameColor'] =, 0, 0),
		['TextColor'] =, 0.298039, 0.309804),

for UserId, Data in pairs(Players) do
			if Sender.UserId == UserId then
				NameColor = Data.NameColor
				TextColor = Data.TextColor
				Name =  Data.Prefix .. " " .. Name
			Count = Count+1

Hey there. I tried using your chat but I’ve found that it doesn’t work for me.

The only things that I changed were:

  • Added a UIGradient to all the elements
  • Changed the size of the ‘send’ button
  • Set the send button image to Fit instead of Stretch
  • Changed the fonts to Gotham equivalents
  • Made the ‘main’ frame smaller to fit my games’ UI style

This is all that I changed so if you could give me a diagnosis that’d be great since I am no scripter. :wink:


Update no 2:

HUUUGE shoutout to @Techyfied for doing the UI!

Here’s what was changed:

  • UI overhaul (updated the showcase video)
  • Font configuration (with gamepass support)
  • Typing text (e.g "Winky_y is typing)
  • Character limit configuration (default is 100)
  • Bug/s fixes


I have been really loving all the feedback, good and bad. If you have any feedback, feel free to reply with it because it really is helpful to know what works and what doesn’t. Any suggestions, please reply - no matter how dumb you may think they are. Thank you for all the support!

Get the model:


Awesome model! Keep up the great work.

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You can always change the UI to your liking. (:

i dont fully know how. and i deleted the old chat gui cause it was in my way. and now you revamped it :frowning:

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How do you scale the message depending on the text size and scale the chat gui itself simulteanously?