Car is flying pls help

so i made a car using roblox jeep scripts everything works fine but it suddenly broke idk why but it starter flying

Camaro.rbxm (61.6 KB)

pls help i really wanna make a car

Follow this tutorial:

It will show you how to make a car, that has springs/controls like the jeep.

im sorry but i dont wanna use constraints i wanna use raycast method way like the jeep model of roblox

The jeep model is notoriously hard to use (see linked articles below). If I were you, I would avoid the hassle, and try out that tutorial. It can’t get you any further away from a solution :man_shrugging:

Here is a Roblox model that is like the jeep, but works 100 times better:

Reference articles:

well i tried with the police car before and i didnt like it also none of these posts help me cuz i saw them already