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A Bit About Me

Ever since I became a Regular (known as “Member” back then), I always had the interest to teach the community about something that I knew. Back then, only Regulars were allowed to post there (yeah, “back then”, call me a boomer if you want to). But sadly, back then, I was not confident enough to post because I thought I didn’t know as much about Roblox development as now.

Over time, as I became more experienced, I started posting my first tutorials (yep, the ones with the least likes, of course :tongue:). Anyways, ever since then, I’ve constantly posted in the category almost every month. The topics tend to get more and more advanced, but I do occasionally post beginner tutorials as it will help those who were like me back then (I didn’t have any resources like that).

This Topic’s Purpose

I believe that having your resources being in one location makes it better to navigate your way when stumbling across a “knowledge barrier” while developing. So, I created this hub topic. The first time I thought of the idea, there was a lot of controversy going on about them being in #resources:community-resources, so I was more inclined to posting them in #bulletin-board. But, now they’re officially banned, so definitely post here!

How I Make My Tutorials

So, before in 2019, my tutorials were very casual in the sense that I didn’t put much time behind them and they were relatively easy to create. Back then, they were based on accidentally stumbling upon the thing that I explaining in the tutorial. For example, one of my highest liked tutorials “Web Design Part 1: Rounded Corner Hover Effect” only exists because I was messing around with rounded buttons via SliceScaling and I found a way to adjust the roundness within Studio. Then, a lightbulb went off in my head and I was like “that’s a cool hover effect”, and then came the tutorial.

Today, I go out and look for ideas instead of them hitting me when I least expect it. But, that doesn’t mean I point my fingers at my head and force it to think; I just hang around the DevForum and Roblox YouTube videos to see what people are requesting the most in the #help-and-feedback category and what cool things games have implemented, respectively. If I feel like it’d make a good tutorial, I go on. For example, another highly liked tutorial is my UIGraident Animations one. I just saw that many people were asking how to create a rainbow animation, so I got an idea.

With such an idea, I then go to Studio and try to recreate it disregarding efficiency at first. I just want to make it work. Then, I try to remove unnecessary code/try to shorten it via more variables etc. until I feel like it’s been optimized the best it can be. Finally, I double-check if there are any unwanted glitches/bugs with the code, and if that passes, the tutorial is a go.

As per the actual tutorial topic, I don’t directly start typing on the “new topic” window, but instead, I DM discobot (in the default “Greetings” one). This is because if the tutorial is long, writing the topic will get laggier and laggier over time, so I just break it down in the DM. Plus, I’ve accidentally posted a topic prematurely by pressing Cntrl + enter, and it was so embarrassing that I never directly wrote in the window ever.


Most of my tutorials have a poll asking about the quality, usefulness, and/or implementation of the topic, which allows for a simple calculation of the overall rating:

This may be slightly outdated, but I’ll try to keep it updated as much as possible. With every new tutorial, I’ll wait a month after updating the ratings to let the polls stabilize.


  • I will categorize the tutorials into suitable sections for easy picking (or clicking, in this instance? :thinking:). Anyways, there’ll also be a “return to the hub” button on top of every one of my tutorials linking it to this very post.

  • Links with :star:s next to them mean they’re exceptionally helpful. This is in terms of the likes received and community feedback. I will try to limit using that to preserve its true definition.

  • If you find any outdated, malformatted content, etc., make sure to DM me about them so I can fix it ASAP! I will still try to update it as needed.


Web Design :computer:


A UI related series that teaches how to recreate special things possible by CSS (websites) in Roblox! These are sort of advanced in the way that they add exceptional functionality to your UIs that are commonly not used, if not at all.

UI :black_large_square: :large_blue_circle:


Various UI related tutorials not part of the Web Design series.

Game Design :hammer_and_wrench:


Talking about the basic structure of various types of games.

CFrame.fromMatrix() :compass:


CFrame.fromMatrix() is a much more difficult replacement for the sadly deprecated, lookAt). Understand how to use it and perform various manipulations with it.

Fundamentals :one: :two: :three:


Learn the basics of concepts that are useful in specific sectors of scripting such as math.

Camera :camera:


Any tutorial based on scripting the camera or any of its properties.

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