Card Collector DevLog #1 Introduction and some work


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Hello! So I decided to work on my project that I think will be “easy” (well at least I think) because I now want make a game that im for sure can make and gonna finish.
So, lets start!

What is Card Collector?

By game name you may think that it’s classic and boring simulator where you just running around and collect some “cards”.
Well… Yes, but actually no. It’s basically simulator + rpg
You must collect all cards. But these cards have saved a magic inside them that it’s uses at it’s pattern. Than rarer card than stronger pattern is. That means that you can use these cards to fight with your enemies!

What have I made so far?

I made not a lot of things since I just started it. So here it is:

Cards inventory

You can select 4 cards that you can use in fights from your inventory. You can’t place 1 card on 2 keybinds. I will change how it looks in future.
Red - Empty,
Blue - Not empty,
Green - Place where this card already placed.


So I decided to work on cards for starter players right now. In total they have 4 cards. That’s a beam. Classic large beam.


Creates beam firing from ground. Anyone who dares enter it will be damaged.

Small details

Every player will have same faces on their head. It’s classic roblox face if you are wondering. And no, I didnt made is just because “haha yes suffer people suffer”. I decided to add emotions on players. Currently in my idea they have only 3 of them: Normal, Angry, Pain
Normal is like idle. It always active. However angry activates only when you use a card. Pain one activates when you being damaged. Currently I have made only angry one. You can also see a accessory shake on the video.

Plans on next devlog

So I have some things to do for next devlog. Here they are:

  • Add some more effects to the zone.
  • Make bomt (3 card in the starter pack).
  • Stats and level up system.

Game name vote

So I have thought of to change current game name because currently it sounds like simulator which can make people ignore my game on roblox website. Vote for new game name!

  • Leave same (Card Collector)
  • Cards Collector
  • Cards Fighters
  • Your own idea (comment down below)

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Thanks for reading this! Any feedback will be appreciated!


Really cool ideas here i think you need to flesh them out a bit more tho.
I think the most important aspect of your game is not the simulator or collecting aspects but the battling.
If you can make a fun/fair and competitive battle then your game will do really well.

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Your Own Idea:

  • Project Cards
  • Cards Anonymous
  • Magic Spell Cards To Fight Against The World
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