Card Collector DevLog #2 New cards and stats system!

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Devlog #1: Devlog #1

Hello! It’s 2 devlog of my game already. And I did some work that I said gonna do and + added 1 more card that I didn’t listed! So let’s start.


I didn’t made a lot of progress really but yes.


Bomt releases a shockwave that deals damage to anyone who is near.

Destruction Sign "Bomb fire"

Bomb fire is a card that releases 5 bombs at choosen point. Each bomb deals 3 damage.


Basic stats. I may add some more stats if I will find what. Currently there only 2: Attack and Defense. And yes im gonna change it look in future.

Attack - Multiples your damage,
Defense - Makes your health bigger.

Level up effect

Basic levels. Nothing to show really if I didn’t made this
There 2 variations of “level up” notify gui. And both of them is from gta :+1:

Plans on next devlog

  • Add melee weapon.
  • Add ranged weapon.
  • Fix bomb fire bug if I will know how.
  • Some more random things

Game name vote

Most of votes was for same game name. But then I saw Project Cards game name idea by @nature1386 and so I decided to do vote again.

  • Project Cards
  • Card Collector

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Thanks for reading! Any feedback appreciated!

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This is amazing can’t wait for the game to be released and do you know when your releasing it.

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No. I don’t know when I realise it. It depends on my motivation and how fast im getting ideas mostly.

I love it! Looks very creative and those effects are very interesting.

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This is what I like to see anywhere. A devlog.

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Glad you liked the name! Can’t wait to see this on front page :slight_smile:

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Yo !! that is so cool ! but mayve you can change the Points interface and the “ZXCV” interface. But else, it’s sooo cool !!
Have a good day !

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Thanks! Every gui here is a placeholder because currently I want work on systems and etc.