Cardinal Studios is hiring builders


Hey, I’m GoatRBX, owner of Cardinal Studios. Previously, I have soloed most of the work on Cardinal Studios and rarely contracted out work. As Cardinal Studios has just reached 50k+ members a few days ago, I feel there is a need to expand to produce content at a much faster rate.

About The Job

Cardinal Studios is interested in hiring 2-3 builders. These builders will be creating maps based off of outlines and images given to them. School is starting for many so the hours are extremely relaxed. The Studio will be taking “a map a month” policy with its developers. In many cases, this will allow for dual employment under another studio if desired.


Depending on map quality the payment will be anywhere between 20k-25k per map.

Contact Info


:bird: :bird: :bird:


Oh, I am a builder! I make small stuff… not like buildings! I get real lazy, but I do have experience with building with my friends! Sadly, the whole entire game got deleted so I don’t have any proof so far but! I do have one picture… and see the rest too!


21%20PM 37%20PM

The first picture on the list was made with lots of people keep that in mind.

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I am interested! I have sent you a friend request on discord from ZacZooZoo#4717

Sent you a friend request on discord. I am " Wearing The Inside Out "#7726

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Interested- sent you a friend request on Discord and messaged you my Discord name.

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I’m interested in being a map builder. Below is my portfolio as well as games I’ve designed the map for.

I also sent you a discord request with @evelyn#4965. Hoping to here back!

I’ve sent a request, and my user is Squidzyee#8896

Hello there! My name is Fabiana, I am a builder and I’ve been building on the ROBLOX Community for about 3 years now. I’d love an opportunity to get to work with other players to create maps! I am very active & I’d love to show you some of my work!

My Discord Username is: Fabi#6839

I’ve just sent a request on Discord!

Thank you for all the applications. The Positions have been filled.

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