Carpet material color different from in-game and in-studio

I’m working on a control room for my game but the color of the floor seems different from in studio and in game. Here is the room in-studio:

And here is the room in-game:

The floor seems to be the only one changing and I have reason to believe that it could be due to the carpet material which is activated in the beta options with the new materials. Is there a way to fix this or a workaround?

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Beta materials are rendered as plastic in live games, so you’ll have to use a different material for the time being.

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Those materials are in beta and can’t be access, you need to upload them yourself.

I suggest going to this documentation page and getting them yourself, the same material but you would have to use a material variant.

Here are the texture ID:
Color Map: 14108662587
Normal Map: 14108663154
Roughness: 14108663726

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