Cars lagging behind in driving game

If players are driving along side each other, other cars look like they are lagging behind which makes it look as if they are first or just in front of them. How would I go about fixing this? (Each player has network ownership of their own car)

This is a well-known problem.

I would recommend supporting this feature request and reading through it.

The feature request that needs support is this one which gives us the tools to create our own predictive pathing system rather than Roblox making one (because they won’t)

So is there no easy way of fixing this?

True, I forgot where it was. However, now that we have “UDP support,” your solution would work better, right? Has it been tested with the new unreliable remote event?

Ultimately we still don’t have reliable enough ping data to nail down anything with enough precision to be worthwhile trying. And even with unreliable, things just aren’t performant enough to do this with anything more than a few players.

I guess the only good solution for now would be to simulate the physics of all cars on every client. Not only would that be painful to implement, but it also wouldn’t be very performance friendly.

However, it seems possible. The only problem with that solution is the unreliability of physics on different framerates.

The current workaround used in Rostock Racing & Backstretch Battles is to set all cars network ownership to nil (the server)

Downside is input lag and all cars will freeze when server freezes but you get “accurate collisions”

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