Cartoon style builders and modellers needed] New Simulator Game!

You’re not allowed to ask for investors.

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May I know why exactly, cause I am new to the devforum and don’t know a lot about the rules.

I’m interested! Send me a friend request on discord TaylorXIV#0447

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i dont know the difinitive anwser, but i can assume that it was allowed until some bad stuff started to consistently come from it.

Yeah sure! Heres the link:

Thing is, @FedTech I don’t see him asking for any investors?

I think he means in the tag since they did not remove it yet.

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“We’re looking for Investors, builders, scripters, UI designers, environment designers, sound artists and modellers who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game, Gang Simulator!”

there’s no way both of you dont see it lmao


I don’t see it what do you mean?

Here it is @DevNetCheese. This is the line he is talking about.

Are you sure this is allowed? It doesn’t seem like it is. What is it about. I am curious.
I am really interested.

I think he means “gang simulator” @DevNetCheese

Added you on discord Radd#0096 (UI design)

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Oh. I did not see that XD thanks for the help.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you are trying to ask me.

Gang Simulator will probably not be allowed because gang is not permitted.

I know, our team is thinking of a name rn.

A Group Of People Simulator has a nice ring to it.

Guys, need builders for an upcoming simulator.

Again you can’t ask for

I all so think you should remove the investor as well in your post

So it won’t be flagged.

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