Castle Exterior

Hello Developers,
I made this Castle with 3 Hours of pure work without any reference.
Feedback is appreciated :smiley:



good effort
people should reply with what he can add to improve this work of art


I agree with @Aanggoodluck , this castle is a pure piece of Art.
A thing i’d like to say is it would look better with more colours and decor. Other than that. it’s absolutely amazing.
Also, developers are supposed to help our fellow developers and not demotivate them.


I would recommend making the roadway to the castle either going into the ground or completely flat. Other than that, it is pretty nice.

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It requires a bit of work but its on the right track, I think you should keep using references and possibly look at some castle plans to get a feel on how a realistic castle is built, Keep building and have fun!

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Lift people up, dont bring them down


For only three hours, I think it looks nice; it could use some improvements. But overall, very well done! :heart:

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@MassiveEdu and @JollyGameCrazy at least tell them how they can improve. :flushed:

Anyway, I think the castle wall could use a moat, supports for the second floor, and some lit fire to provide light.


Man this build gives me field of battle vibes, anyways very good build!

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Thanks to all the replies, and support to not bring me down. Also I did this for fun & I always do! :upside_down_face:


What? I think you misunderstood what I said.


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Yea they really did. But just to be honest, @MassiveEdu was rude to @Tixolate and should apologise

It’s quite basic, but nice! Try adding more detail and using some lighting.

Don’t listen to the negative comments. Every builder has to start somewhere!


It’s an amazing start! Try adding stuff like lanterns and details like cracks (just a few parts welded) in the wall. Great start! Or add like a carriage by the entrance or maybe guards outside!

Hey @Tixolate
Castle looks pretty good, but bland! Here are a few recommendations!

  1. Give the exterior some more detail, detailed windows, textures, etc
  2. Make the terrain around it better, right now the ground kind of sticks up and the surroundings, are well, empty
  3. Add some more decor around, like flags, bushes around the castle, and more!

Once you do this, it’ll be looking really good in no time!
I don’t really get what @MassiveEdu is trying to say… improvement is a thing you know? OP got the basics of the castle down, now they just need to add details and refine the whole thing!

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what i was saying is that spending 3 hours on that was a waste of time and it should’ve only taken him 40 minutes the most

What? Don’t judge people by the time it takes them, judge it by the quality of the result.

Not everyone is made the same. Just because the castle took OP 3 hours and still needs some work doesn’t mean you have the right to call it a “Waste of Time”.

OP got out of it

  1. Building practice
  2. Feedback in improvement
  3. Overall fun experience

I mean I guess if you don’t think any of those things are useful, then you could call it a waste of time…


If you think it would have taken you 40 minutes to make this does not mean everybody should take 40 minutes to make it. It’s the same thing as telling a beginner builder that their builds are worth nothing and should have taken lesser time just because they are new and took a longer time to do the project than an experienced builder does.


Looks like a good start! You do a lot more than I can in 3 hours. I’d love to see more of it!

You could add some constructive criticism to help… :sweat_smile: