Cave Building Feedback

Hey there, Devforum!
I’m back at it with a semi-new build.
I just wanted to show you people it and ask for your opinion on it. The idea is this little cave section which is meant to be dark an ominous. I hope you can give any suggestions to what I could add, thanks! :slight_smile:


I think it’s a tad too dark for the amount of lights. Other than that, it’s pretty good.


I realise that at well, and I’m already trying to redesign the lighting for it, as you said there are too many for the current light level.


The build looks very cool and detailed and I do not think you should add/remove something from it.
For the lightning problem, I suggest making some invisible lights or something like that. This could really help without you even having to add more lamps.

Just wondering, is this for an SCP themed facility? :smile:


I’d suggest looking at implementing some custom lighting. And perhaps look at remaking the decorative bushes


The map looks pretty good, however I suggest you to slightly improve the lighting in the center of the map.

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Wdym, custom lighting?
I have already rigged the lighting system to be able to power on/off and enter an emergency mode. Is this what you mean by that? Thanks for the suggestion anyway :slight_smile:

I like you’re using that grey/light grey-blue color with the materials. Reminds me like a cave in a way. Maybe try fixing the lighting and updating the images for further feedback?

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This map looks really neat, overall it clearly represents an underground base/bunker and is very sci-fi. I really like the design and layout of the build itself, it really gives it a cool feeling.

Things to maybe work on:
One thing to work on is the lighting, it could be worked on so much more of the base can be seen, not a huge problem though as it would by dark, but could be a little lighter.

Strong features:

  • Piping
  • Use of plants
  • Light model placements
  • General layout

Hope this feedback helps, and good luck on the future development of this build! :star: