CC0 TEXTURES | High Quality Textures for Free!

I found a website where you can find high quality textures completely for free. As long as I know they don’t even have any copyright. This is not a project of mine and I’m not affiliated with them! It’s just to share this awesome website with you all since it’s hard to find high quality free textures and this solution may help a lot of people.

The Website offers a 3D preview function to see how the texture looks.

Link to the Website:

Help Page & Wiki:

CC0 Textures API:


It’s under the Creative Commons License:


The CC0 Textures License

All PBR materials, brushes, photos and 3D models offered for download on are provided under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

This means you may use these assets…

  • … in your own creations of any kind for free.

  • … even in situations that require them to be redistributed as individual files (For example as part of an open source video game).

  • … for commercial projects.

  • … without having to give credit (Although I would appreciate that).

I hope this helps some people! Have fun with it.


Please may you provide some pictures of the assets within the post.


I added some texture examples (screenshots). For a higher resolution please visit the website I linked.


Are also good websites for getting free PBR materials, color texture, reference images etc


This is cool, but there is already a post about this:

There is a lot more listed on there.


Oh guess I missed that even when I searched before. Thank you for that information. I guess this one is no longer relevant anymore I guess?


Sorry, I didn’t mean to make your post irrelevant but I also didn’t want that resource to go unseen as it had this site and a lot others.


This is a very helpful website for anyone who is willing to use it for bumps/displacement maps.

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