Free Texture Sites

I’ll admit it, Im a stingy person and I dont spend a dime on anything. Websites like Poliigon, RD Textures, and Megascans produce incredible looking textures, but you have to pay to get them.

Here are some sites that offer pretty decent textures for FREE have to create an account first before you can download textures get access to materials, photo-scanned textures, HDRs, and an array of various other flat textures are limited to downloading 15 assets a day, but I find that to be plenty
1.Just came across this site recently and its almost too good to be true, dont even need an account just download right off the site
2.this has way more materials than, but its good to use both
1.dont need an account HDR’s
1.HDRs, textures, and models

1.create an account
2.limit of 15 textures a day could purchase a subscription to access to better quality materials

CC0 Textures

Texture Ninja

Fee Leaves

Free IES library

Blender Cloud

3D Textures

If you know any other free texture sites feel free to post them below


As someone who has a poliigon account I can vouch for it. Def. worth the money.


Here is another place where you can get HDR’s for free.


am bookmarking this.


Why have I been wasting my time to find skyboxes? I should have just used these sites for HDRI, thank you!

(edit: didnt realize this was a month old oh boy)



Extremely helpful, thank you!


This site is pretty good


I added a new site, CC0 Textures

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I wonder why this isn’t on #learning-resources

I dont think that category existed when I created this. Changed it though


just in case anyone is interested in making their own textures from real textures, I found an app for Android called Live Normal, which allows for scanning of objects to capture a seamless texture. You can then export these textures to Google Drive:

Not given it a go yet in relation to Roblox, but it seems pretty good.


Very helpful
maybe soon ill get to level where ill be able to use textures lol

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This app is amazing thanks for sharing. Really need a good phone camera for it though

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here’s a quick one I just made using the floor at work if anyone wants an example of what sort of thing that app produces lol. took about 5 seconds to make. I’m sure a bit of editing in Photoshop and playing around with the in-app settings would give better effects though

I was able to make this snowy grass texture and this cobble wall texture.

but the camera has to be zoomed out really far to get a nice wide texture. When I tile them, the grass is seamless, but its very easy to see where the texture repeats with the wall.

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Sorry for the bump :sweat_smile:

But I found some even more stuff that may be helpful to 3D artists that are not listed here.

And I’m going to go a little off-topic here but they also have a new site or 3D models:

And I’ve found this helpful as well!


Thanks god that people like you exist!


WOW! I found this new site! It’s not technically a texture library, but its one site that accesses multiple texture libraries (free ones), to quickly find textures!


I’ll make some textures! :slight_smile:


Very useful sites, thank you for sharing them.