Central Train Transport: Train Driver 7 Manual (Driver)

Central Train Transport: Train Driver 7 Manual


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Drive Menu

Accessing the Drive Menu

Driving in this game, requires either:

If you join the group, you will have to go via this page and activate every time you play.
If you purchase the starter package; this screen will be skipped.

Please note that if any trains are purchased and you have access via group membership, leaving the group will revoke access to your purchased trains until you have access via either group or starter pack again.

Drive Menu

Please note that all images on these menus will be distorted by stretch to various amounts depending on your display size. This is as images are sizes proportionally to your display rather than their actual size.

The drive menu consists of a gallery of trains available in the game. The gallery shows up to 8 trains per page. To move between the pages, use the purple forwards/back buttons adjacent to the right of the gallery in the general top-centre area of the screen.

When you hover over an image of the train, the name of it will display. Clicking the image will cause a panel to open showing information about the train, and allowing you to purchase or spawn the train.

To the left, a gallery of this specific train will appear. This consists of a large image at the top, and a list of images within a vertical scroll box below (showing 5 images of the selected train). Clicking an image in the scroll box will make it show on the large image at the top, this allows you to see it better.

The are to the right of this will contain a short description about the train and give options to buy or spawn the train.

If you don’t own the train, or have the relevant permissions to drive it, a “Buy/Drive” button will be visible which will give you options to buy the train, if available to purchase.

Selecting the “R$” button will start a transaction request for the selected train. Upon successfully purchasing the train, you should be presented with the spawn options.

If you have purchased or have permission to drive the selected train, a list of depots will appear. These are the depots this train may be spawned at. Clicking a depot button will start the process to spawn a train.

RUA Add On

Driving to Robloxia-upon-Avon is an add-on. To purchase it, press the buy button below the menu page. If you already have the extension then the button won’t be visible.

Spawn Process

Once you have clicked the spawn button, the spawn process will start. This will close the menu, pop-up a waiting notification, play a waiting tune and then teleport you to your train.

There are some errors which may occur during this process. The reasons why you may get an error message at some stage during the spawning process:

  • You are already driving a train.
  • You are sitting down.
  • Someone else is using the depot.

Once you have spawned you will need to leave the depot promptly. Your train will be despawned if you take too long to leave the depot.

Driving Controls

The driving controls are presented on your screen when you are driving a train.

In this section, the usage of each control element will be explained, starting with the left panel:

  • Head Code: This is the 4 digit code at the top of the top of the panel. This is your identification number for signalling purposes and should be used when communicating to signallers.
  • Cab Light*: Toggles the light in the train cabs on/off (transparency of button toggles according to status).
  • Toilet Reset*: Resets (unlocks) the passenger toilet on the train.
  • Interlock: This is the blue light next to the toilet reset. It will be on if the train is in a state where it may be moved and off otherwise. The interlock will be active if any of the following are true:
    • The doors are open.
    • A signal has been passed at danger (SPAD).
    • The DRA is active.
On Off
![](upload://tkQDOjIhXz9tdfRYHbMbwcgtBL2.png) ![](upload://6rJuMx5KbLDPbmxCDGXI5Z0zQxJ.png)
  • Combined Acceleration/Brake Lever Buttons: Located below the cab light button, these will nudge the position on the Combined Acceleration/Brake Lever up/down one notch. You must wait for the animation movement to complete before nudging up/down again. This is recommended for use on touchscreen devices.
  • DRA (Driver’s Reminder Appliance): This is the red button below the acceleration/break controller arrows. It is a driver controlled light/button to remind you of red signals. It should be activated when you stop at a station having passed a red signal, and when you stop driving (i.e. leave the cab).
On Off
![](upload://rAxy0QehYCoFlubuvWBLTbaz2W9.png) ![](upload://xQG4brpHM9G06UYbTuGxuX4FODc.png)
  • Combined Acceleration/Brake Lever: This is the lever with the green handle, it controls the acceleration and breaks on the train. It can be moved by clicking on the background to the position you’d like to move it to. Positions P1-P5 will make the train accelerate at different rates, P5 having the highest rate. OFF is a neutral position which will apply no acceleration to the train, but it will start to decelerate at a slow pace. Positions 1-3 & EM will apply breaks on the train, 1 having the lowest effect and EM (Emergency) having the highest rate.
  • Direction Lever: This is the lever with the blue handle, controlled by clicking on the background areas where you’d like the lever to move to. It will change the direction all the acceleration controls of the train relate too & the side which the door control buttons control. It can only be moved in areas where reversal is permitted (at the ends of lines (but not on initial spawn) & bay platforms)
  • Speedometer: Located next to the direction lever, this will show the speed of your train. It is a relative speed, 100 on one type of train will be different to another, and will vary depending on the computer you are on. This is because of how Roblox physics works.
  • Horn: This will activate the horn sound on the train. Note: There is a cool down on this to prevent horn abuse.

Moving onto the right panel…

  • Accelerate: Located at the bottom right, this is part of an alternate drive method to the combined acceleration & breaking lever. Pressing it will make your train move forwards. This can be used in tandem with the neutral button to stop power and clicking between the two at some pace will bringingyour train to a halt at a pace.
  • Neutral: This will stop your train accelerating (no power applied) and start bringing it to a halt. Note the effect of breaking with this neutral is more than that of the the neutral of the combine acceleration & breaking lever.
  • Cruise Control: Located adjacent to the neutral button, enter a number (using your keyboard) and then press the set button next to it - your train is then limited to the inputted speed. You may not enter a number higher than the trains speed limit. If you enter a number higher than this it will use the maximum speed of the train as the maximum.
  • Delete Train: This will delete your train and teleport you to the drivers finishing teleport point outside Junction Way.
  • Anchored Break: This will turn toggle the Anchored property on your trains base plates. The background transparency will change as according to weather is is toggled on or off. This should be used when the train is fully stopped to allow passengers to board without accidentally derailing the train as Roblox physics can be funny in this regard sometimes.
  • AWS (Automatic Warning System): This is a safety system to alert you when a signal is not green (i.e. you need to start slowing down). When it is on it will make a sound, click it to acknowledge and stop the sound. It will remain on until the next signal is green (when it passes its activation point).
On Off
  • Door 1: This will toggle open/close the doors on the left hand side (in the direction of travel) of the train. The background of the button will illuminate to show they are open.
  • Door 2: This will toggle open/close the doors on the right hand side (in the direction of travel) of the train. The background of the button will illuminate to show they are open.
  • ATO: This will turn the train automatic driving system on. (Note this is a very bad system and doesn’t work well with most trains so it is not advisory to use it.) The button will illuminate if it is on. Please note ATO does not stop at signals at danger, you will need to take over from ATO at this point.
  • Continue ATO: This will tell the trains automatic driving system to start moving again (after being stopping at a station). When you click this button, it should start illuminating to a bright yellow, before fading and the train will start moving. This is to give time to cancel ATO (by disabling it) before the train starts moving. The background of this button can illuminate several colours:
    • Blue: Loading ATO (while driving)
    • Not Illuminated (When ATO is on): ATO Active, Stopped at station or ATO is off.
    • Yellow: ATO Active and Driving.
  • Keyboard Control: This button toggles keyboard input to drive the train on/off. It illuminates when it is active. If it detects chat input it will illuminate purple and temporarily suspend keyboard inputs until you press enter or toggle it again. See keyboard control section for the keys.
  • Select Route: This button allows you to set the route of your train. This will route your train correctly at the points/junctions on the game. It will open a menu which allows you to select a route.
    • Routes: Click on a route to select it. Only one route will illuminate any any given time. The illuminated one is the selected one.
    • This is a passenger service: This can be clicked to toggle passenger mode on/off. If off your train will not appear on departure boards.
    • Submit: This will set your train to the route selected.
  • Camera Control*: This will control your camera while driving it. Right clicking toggle your camera between the inside camera and external (higher) camera. Left clicking will cycle your camera between the following locations:
    • Your player
    • Front cab
    • Rear cab

*Functions with select trains only but will always be visible.

Keyboard Controls

Key Action
W, Down Arrow Combined Acceleration & Breaking Lever Up 1 Position
S, Up Arrow Combined Acceleration & Breaking Lever Down 1 Position
Home, End Direction Lever Toggle
(UK) #, (US) \ Anchor Brake
A Acknowledge AWS
Right Ctrl DRA
Left Alt ATO Toggle
Left Ctrl ATO Continue
F7 Toggle Left Doors
F8 Toggle Right Doors
F5 Cab Light
F9 Toilet Reset
Backspace Keyboard Control Off


It will take awhile to get a sense of how to drive and when to start breaking. The section of the manual aims to give you an introduction to what you will need to know in order to drive within the game.

Driving Tips

  • Don’t use full power, most trains will be too sensitive on full power and could cause them to derail.
  • Test your trains deceleration rate before making a stop, this will give you a better of idea of when you’ll need to start breaking.
  • Listen to the dings as you pass signals to stay alert to checking signals.
  • Get into habit of turning anchor break on at stations.
  • Learn the keyboard controls.


The following signals may appear in the game, and you should react your driving to them depending on what you see so that you don’t crash into any other players. If you pass a red signal (SPAD) your train will be deactivated and you will have to contact the signaller to reactivate your train.

Aspect Signals
  • Green: Route ahead is clear.
  • Single Orange: Signal after next is red (start slowing down).
  • Double Orange: Next signal is red, must be ready to stop at next signal.
  • Red: Route not clear. Do not pass.
Green Double Orange Single Orange Red
![](upload://cexJEaL34EEIuYoeEmoKQt0bOGn.png) ![](upload://629jl3AVroEcJzmqFpwBThhzLNN.png) ![](upload://oEdXxrUbcAcyUcYMqHXpmSymVHd.png) ![](upload://xqbQrljm2zktQWmtPIqAXmIBGUr.png)
Route Signalling

Route signals are on top of normal aspect signals and indicate what direction you’ll be taking. Each route signal has a strip of white lights, known as a feather coming off at an angle from the signal.

Straight Route Left Route Right Route
![](upload://43IdyzdwgaHhwIkUzZ9Jna4U87W.png) ![](upload://d2HnKcNCcGc72DZcoynstdZybXR.png) ![](upload://crlrbycjCEXBB07GPzhndQh74iJ.png) ![](upload://8qYpKFntUqtYL3o0roe4e9Yr7Xk.png) ![](upload://6XVkN2EUQkRgi2RredDIibRJmnu.png)
  • Straight Route: Points set to straight route
  • Left Route: Points set to left route
  • Right Route:: Points set to right route
SPAD Indicator

Located after stations, this signal alerts you to the fact you have passed a signal at danger. Upon passing a signal at danger it will start flashing.

On Off
![](upload://ah6tqiGV1PkMb8EH7jEOIJuHiqc.gif) ![](upload://kQrmxLz4dsiwdN1hagobJZub2Jx.png)
Semaphore Signals

Semaphore signalling may occasionally be in operation within depots.

Clear Stop
![](upload://xTyU0vbLi5YWOHlrjMzuMNIpctc.png) ![](upload://le0tYr8UwfJJS1tpToQJaAMlG2O.png)
  • Clear: Path clear, proceed.
  • Stop: Path blocked, do not pass.
Tram Signalling
Clear Stop Caution Left Route Right Route
![](upload://gBg9Q3PoU9ikWpqqehUhEMMnMbA.png) ![](upload://l8mWCw9vD9QjIl23UN6V3HqGtYI.png) ![](upload://mezif0zevuyRzxkCDX3rC5W1mJN.png) No Photos ![](upload://defrwT24NDRr6Xusw5iN7eym93n.png)

Speed Restrictions

Speed Restrictions are indicated thought the map through the use of signs.

Speed Limit Upcoming Limit
![](upload://cKfVDcgOzZtvxFedzMMy00vd6RE.png) ![](upload://fMyMTKjESAP4v6I7QnfxeZruRoT.png)
  • Speed Limit: The speed indicated in the sign applies from this point onwards.
  • Upcoming Limit: The speed indicated in the sign applies soon, start slowing down.

Some signs may have arrows, this refers to a speed limit if taking the path in the direction of the arrow, if not, it can be ignored.


Tram speed limits are shown in a diamond instead of a circle. There is no upcoming limit sign. Arrows still apply.

Dispatch Sequences

Some stations may have users role playing dispatch jobs. You should participate in this role play by waiting and following their dispatch instructions.



  • On the first show of the white baton, close doors.
  • On the second show of the white baton, depart.
  • If you see a black baton abort the procedure.


  • On the first show of the flag close doors.
  • On the second show of the flag, depart.
Hand Lamp


  • On show of a white light, close doors.
  • On show of a green light, depart
  • On show of a red light, abort the procedure.
Dispatch Screens

There is a screen with a code on it, you should follow it’s instruction.

Display Action
![](upload://s7OJKnNvhJfNt1RBDUB85ALxESA.png) OFF: System not in use, self dispatch.
![](upload://wh2nrx529tFQcn5eyAADSlwT0wU.png) Blank: System in use, await dispatch instruction.
![](upload://3TpW407W4jJDFQGgO1Ijyp0PFpc.png) CD: Close doors.
![](upload://wdR68YoYEsvsYXN2q3VwgtbXWHx.png) R: Ready, depart when you are ready.

Contacting Signaller

Make Contact

All signals have a phone box at the bottom of them. Click it to request to communicate to a signaller.

Driving up close to the signal is the best way to reach the phone, however if you already passed the signal and can’t reverse, you may need to get out of your cab to click it - however watch out for invisible kill bricks near stations.

This will bring up a connecting screen.

You will either be connected to the NOC Bot or someone in NOC (Network Operations Control).


You will be given a dialogue with buttons. Click the correct option which applies to you, a role play conversation will show, and it will change the signal to orange or unlock your train to allow you to continue if the path has cleared. If the path hasn’t cleared then wait and try again in a few minutes.

NOC Staff

This will bring up a dialogue of the same type where you can communicate to the signaller. You should engage in a professional role play conversation to resolve the issue.

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