Central Train Transport: Train Driver 7 Manual (Staff Jobs, VIP Servers & Game)

Central Train Transport: Train Driver 7 Manual


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Staff Jobs

There are an array of other role play jobs which can be undertaken within this game which make use of select tools as described here.



Icon Image Controls
  • Whistle: Will sound a whistle sound, used to indicate to passengers that the train doors are about to close.


Icon Image Controls
  • White: Indicate to guard to close doors/dispatch train.
  • Black: Indicate to guard to suspend dispatch procedure.


Icon Image Controls
  • Indicates to guard to close doors/dispatch train.

Hand Lamp

Icon Image Controls
  • White: Indicate to guard to close doors.
  • Green: Indicate to guard to close dispatch train.
  • Off: Signal nothing.
  • Red: Indicate to guard to suspend dispatch procedure.

Dispatch Box

Dispatch boxes are located at Junction Way. These are used to send messages to the driver to assist with dispatch.



  • CD: Close Doors
  • R: Ready to Depart
  • NT: Next Train (Reset if automatic reset fails)
  • ON: Turn dispatch box on
  • OFF: Turn dispatch box off.



Icon Image Controls
  • Role play cleaning the floor.


Catering Trolley

Icon Image Controls
  • Username: Full username of player to give item to (case sensitive).
  • Cake: Give cake to the entered user.
  • BloxyCola: Give Bloxy Cola to the entered user.
  • Bloxiade: Give Bloxiade to the entered user.
  • ChocoCoin: Give a Chocolate Coin to the entered user.
  • Chocolate: Give a Chocolate Bar to the entered user.
  • GoalaCola: Give Goala Cola to the entered user.
  • BloxyCola: Give Bloxy Cola to the entered user.
  • HotChocolate: Give Hot Chocolate to the entered user.
  • Sandwich: Give a Sandwich to the entered user.
  • StarbloxLatte: Give a Starblox Latte to the entered user.
  • Taco: Give a Taco to the entered user.

Network Operations Control (NOC)

The NOC Centre is located in Junction Way, on the 2nd floor, accessed by the entrance.

The NOC Controls can be accessed via the inventory

Line Maps

Upon opening the NOC GUI, you will see a signalling map of the blue line. You can change line by clicking on the line bottoms on the bottom left.

  • Clicking a box next to a signal name will change the signals aspect. This cycles Green → Red → Orange → Double Orange
    • You must take care not to turn a signal red in front of a train.
  • The blue bar shows what’s on the track. If there is a train in the segment it will turn green and display the trains head code.
  • The SPAD Reset buttons will stop a SPAD signal flashing. The button will flash if it has been activated.

Here we list which line each line on the GUI relates to by line number.

Blue Line

Line No Route
1 CTS - TLV Express
2 CTS - TLV Local
5 TLV - CTS Local
6 TLV - CTS Express
Red Line

Line No Route
2 JUW Bay Platform 7
3 JUW Bay Platform 8
Tram Line

Line No Route

Phone Lines

If you scroll to the end of the NOC GUI, you will come across a range of panels.
A sound will play when a line is opened. A red outline will appear around the line. Click it to answer the call to the line. You will then have a chat dialogue open with the player who phoned in. You will only be aware of their head code from this.

Service Updates

Click a line colour, enter text for a line status update, press set update and it will display on the departure boards around the game. All text input is filtered.

Kick Player

Allows you to kick a player. Type in their name (case sensitive), click the button and they will be kicked.

Bus Tunnels

Legacy feature - not supported in CTT 7. Will make bus tunnels appear under the map but for the most part will be inaccessible.

Train Tracker

Type in the head code into the black box and press get train. Error messages will appear in the box adjacent to the get train button. It will give the following information:

  • Heading code: The head code of the train.
  • Last Signal: The last signal it passed.
  • Destination: Where the train is going (final destination).
  • TOC: The train company the train is running for.
  • Train Length: Number of coaches the train has.
  • Is Passenger: True if the train is in passenger service.

You also have the following controls:

  • Emergency Break: Remotely brings the train to a stop.
  • Reset Interlock: Resets the interlock of the train for when it has SPAD.

Sending Messages

This area allows you to send a message to the drivers dashboards.

Enter the message you wish to send in the first box (it will be filtered).
Press send global button to send to all.

If you want to send to one player, type in their head code to the 2nd black box, then press send local button.

Signal Boxes

Signal boxes can be found at depots. These control the signalling within the depots.

To operate a signal box, you must be a member of NOC (Network Operations Control). To access a signal box type “noc tele <box name>” into the chat, and you will be teleported to the box.

The box names are:

  • CTSBox
  • TLVBox

A blue button in the signal box toggles the signals on/off.

A map is provided to show the signal layout. Blue refers to signals in one direction of travel, and red the other.

The levers in the box control the signal. Back means it is in on danger, forwards means its on clear.

You should aim to give priority to out coming spawned trains as they have time limits before being despawned.

VIP Servers

VIP servers allow you to play in a private server where you have control over who can play with you.

Buying a VIP Server in CTT 7 also gives the following advantages:

  • Players can drive any of the trains you have purchased*
  • You can assign players role play jobs using VIP Server commands, as per the purpose the CTT Group use to serve.

The menu music in VIP servers is different to normal, and there will be a note in the bottom right hand corner stating who owns the VIP server.

VIP Server Commands


vip fire <player> <permission>
Will give a specified player permission to a role play job.


vip fire <player> <permission>
Will remove a specified player permission to a role play job.


vip review <player>
Will list the role play jobs the specified player has.


Player username must be spelt out fully and is case sensitive.


Must be one of the following:

  • cleaner
  • caterer
  • retail
  • guard
  • dispatch
  • noc


Press F9 to open the Developer Console. You will see an output log from your commands here.

  • Players given permissions may need to rejoin or reset to receive some permissions.
  • Permissions are saved.


Station Codes

Similar to National Rail CRS codes, all stations on CTT have a 3 letter code to identify them by.

Station Code Type Lines # Platforms
Central Train Station CTS Major Blue All 4
LOL Land LOL Minor Blue Local 2
1337 Station OTS Minor Blue Local/RUA 2
Rob The Blox RTB Minor Blue Local/RUA, Tram 4
McBlox MBX Minor Blue Local/RUA, Tram 4
Junction Way JUW Major Blue All, Red, Tram 11
Ro-End ROE Minor Blue Local/RUA 2
Robolishia Station ROS Major Blue All, Robolishia Shuttle 5
Builder Blox BOX Minor Blue Local/RUA 2
Bright Nose BRN Minor Blue Local/RUA 2
TelaVille TLV Major Blue All 4
Claverdon CLV Minor Blue RUA 2
Bearley BER Minor Blue RUA 2
Robloxia-Upon-Avon RUA Minor Blue RUA 2
Roblishia Village ROV Minor Robolishia Shuttle 1
Train Way TNW Minor Red 2
Nijay Stop NIJ Minor Red 2
DJ Heights DJH Minor Red 2
Rock Road ROR Minor Red 2
Roblox-On-Trent ROT Minor Red 2
McTeapot End MCT Minor Tram 2
Tram Way TMW Minor Tram 2
Flashlight Stop FHS Minor Tram 2
Busfan Square BFS Minor Tram 2
Blocked Halt BLH Minor Tram 2
Park Way PKW Minor Tram 3

Importing Old Data

While converting the game to be compatible with filtering enabled, the save structure for data was changed. This means there is a conversion process. The game will try to detect if you have data saved in the old format when you join for the first time, if so it will take you through the conversion process.

This will find all your items inidvidually and save them into the new format. It will take approximately 3 minutes but can take longer. Do not close the game until complete or you may risk not all your purchases being found.

Music and a sorting algorithm will play during the background to keep you entertained while this happens.

Reimport Old Data

If for any reason, such as it didn’t detect your old data, or you left during the process, you can reimport your old data. This will reset your cash and fast pass settings. Any purchases made since the new format was made will be safe regardless of the reimport.

To reimport data, use the Tutorial button as up, and Main Menu button as down, on the menu and type in the following code:

Up - Up - Down - Up - Up - Up - Down - Down - Down - Up

Then click the passenger button, open the menu again, and a reimport data button will appear. Press this to reimport your old data.

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