Centralized documentation for humanoid bugs

As everyone knows, Humanoid instances are fickle things. They have a lot of funky/legacy behavior, some of which is hard-coded into Roblox itself.

I constantly see developers running into obscure problems with their code, only to find out it was an issue with Humanoids hours later. I noticed that there is no centralized, public resource that documents (in detail) all of the known issues and quirks with the current humanoid system. The issues are usually spread via word-of-mouth. So, I have decided to solve that problem.

I have created a centralized site, with the purpose of it service as a public, central resource for documenting humanoid bugs, quirks, and even going as far as listing various symptoms that could be the cause of humanoid bugs. You can check out the site here : https://robloxhumanoids.github.io/

Why even do this? What’s wrong with just using filed bug reports?
Typically, when dealing with the symptoms of a humanoid bug, you don’t realize that it’s actually a humanoid bug right away - unless you already have a list of bugs in your head and remember a lot of the symptoms that can occur as a result. You’ll typically spend anywhere from 20 minutes to literal days tracing a bug, until you eventually narrow it down to a specific humanoid bug. At that point you can search for the bug here on the forums, and file a bug report if one hasn’t been filed yet. In essence, you can’t search for humanoid bugs unless you already have a pretty good idea about the exact bug you are facing. By using the site, a developer experiencing odd avatar behaviors/issues can reference the symptoms section of the site, which can then lead them to a documented humanoid bug, saving them a lot of time by leading them directly to information about the bug, avoiding the “search and destroy” method of debugging altogether.

How often is this updated?
This is meant to be a community effort. Instead of sharing humanoid bugs via word of mouth and obscure bug reports scattered around on the forums, they can all be documented on a single, community driven site. The site can be updated anywhere from multiple times a day to once a week.

I found a bug with humanoids but it isn’t documented on the site!
First and foremost, file a bug report for it.
After that, you can either submit a pull request or create an issue in our documentation repository. Refer the contributing section of the website for more details.