CFront Interactive - Company Portfolio

Mission Statement

We are creating the most innovative player experiences on Roblox. Our goal is to push the Roblox engine to its limits by releasing games that define their genre. Through using a player-focused design philosophy, we create games players keep wanting to come back to.

About Us

CFront Interactive is a dedicated Roblox development studio run by a young team of college students. Our team member’s areas of study include Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Computer Science. Our project-based assignment structure allows us to maintain a friendly and low-stress work environment with extremely flexible hours. We are excited to expand our team to more developers to give others an opportunity to build a skillset and earn income on the Roblox platform.

Our Games

Navy Simulator - ⚓Navy Simulator - Roblox
Gameplay Trailer - SEA Military - Navy Simulator 2.0 Trailer - YouTube

As our flagship title, Navy Simulator pushes the Naval genre to the limit through intense player focused naval engagements with a wide range of ships and weapons. Players are able to captain their own ships and enjoy an immersive modern naval experience with their friends. Navy Simulator demonstrates well crafted intersecting gameplay loop design where players have a heavy impact on gameplay flow.

Empire Clash - Work In Progress


We are always looking for more scripters to help us with our projects! If you are interested in a full time position, any openings will be listed below. If you are a new developer and interested in becoming an intern to boost your skillset, feel free to contact us!

Contact Us

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Discord: Shoomama#4378