[CLOSED - 120k-200k R$ per Month] CFront Interactive (Hiring Advanced Scripters)

What is CFront Interactive

CFront Interactive is a highly talented team of college students developing genre breaking games that provide an exciting experience for the player and high amounts of profitability for us. We have a relaxed and focused work environment where we bring all our developers to their highest level of performance. If you want to learn more about CFront, read our company DevForum post here : CFront Interactive - Company Portfolio

About the Job

We are hiring several multi-purpose scripters to help us on our current and new projects. Our developers are expected to be able to create a wide variety of scripting content with ease to help make our team’s creations come to life. Teamwork is also important, as any future CFront employee will be working with a large team of developers creating some of the most innovative and exciting Roblox experiences.


:white_check_mark: Must have a Discord account.
:white_check_mark: Must be 13 years or older.
:white_check_mark: Must have free time to work on projects.
:white_check_mark: Must have excellent communication skills.
:white_check_mark: Must be fluent in English.
:white_check_mark: Access to a Microphone and be able to work in calls.
:white_check_mark: Must have extensive experience in a given skill, 2 years as a minimum.
:white_check_mark: Developer Forum Portfolio showcasing your work

Nice haves:

:heart: You are 18 years or older
:heart: Have personal and/or professional projects related to Roblox.
:heart: Have a Diploma in your given domain.
:heart: Have prior experience in other big titles that have earned at least 100k R$ in revenue
:heart: Have a community to promote our projects!

We’re looking for someone who…

:sparkles: Is passionate.
:sparkles: Has good communication skills.
:sparkles: Isn’t afraid to provide feedback or suggestions.
:sparkles: Takes initiative on their tasks.
:sparkles: Is patient and understanding.
:sparkles: Is a team leader.


Depending on an applicant’s assessed skill level, payment can range between 30k - 50k R$ :robux: weekly. Payment is given upon completion of that week’s assigned task. This earns 700 USD a month with full capacity work weeks.

Apply Now!

To apply for this position, please fill out this google form here : https://forms.gle/VT28beRejrEP3GZ59
We hope to see your application soon!


If you have any further questions, please contact our CEO via Discord : Shoomama#4378


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