Challenges v2.00 | Test your scripting skill!

Challenges v2.00


A modified version of this plugin.

Upload Form:


It is currently very hard to test your skill. With this plugin you can easily create and try scripting challenges of all difficulties.


How to use the plugin
  • Click on anything
  • Read the description and the Input and Output table
  • Attempt to recreate that as a script and click test, Read the output for your results.

How to create a challenge

Feel free to reply if you have any questions, comments or bugs.


Cool! Will definitely use this in the future.


Now with Input Type in the form you can specify how data will be managed and some minor fixes.

Restrictions! Now you can stop code from being in the script.

Another update!

Just bug fixes, require and function env are blocked and optional https blocking.

I am adding it on GitHub soon, post has been better organized. I have a few questions tho

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I dont wanna go to google forms, But this is easy:

Create your custom multiply, divide, bitwise (^) function

not allowed:
*, /, ^

also interesting, maybe add more challenges ig?

First of all - I checked this project out and saw some, weird to say the least responses

Please dont be that person.