Change 200 player access to 700 player access in the Beta Program thread

Greetings, I’ve been seeing users ‘opt in’ the Roblox Beta Program, through the ‘Enroll in the Beta Program’ thread, and seen the thread wasn’t updated even though, there was a 700-server beta feature was released.

Thread showing 700 user update for beta users

Thread that needs changing

The minor mistake that should be updated is found here.

Should Be

What is the Beta Program?
Once you receive access to the Beta Program, you will have the ability to use features that have not gone live to the public yet such as:

  • 700 player access
  • Changes to the Roblox website seen by beta list users only.

I’d recommend they change the 200 player access to 700 player access to help newer DevForum users to see that 700 user server in beta is available when they ‘opt in’ the ‘Enroll in the Beta Program’ thread.


Good catch, the post was updated.