Change default orientation of inserted cylinders to be vertical

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to be efficient when creating models using cylinders.

When I spawn in a cylinder brick:

change cyllinder image 1
It will be in a resting position:

Resting Position Cylinder.PNG

However, most objects I create will need the cylinder to be in an upright position:

Upright Position Cyllinder

Whenever I turn a cylinder 90° I waste a few seconds. Added up it makes a big difference.
I use 5° or 2° increments when modeling, so I must either spawn in a cylinder and take time eyeballing it, or switch the increments to something like 15° or 45°.

  • If I were to duplicate or copy an existing cylinder that would also waste some of my time.

  • There is a far wider use of upright cylinders than resting cylinders.

  • I believe cylinders should spawn in an upright position.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would no longer have to waste time needing to rotate each individual cylinder.


You can press R and T while dragging the part to rotate and tilt it in 90 degree increments. Seems much faster than what you’re doing; are you sure you need this?


Even though this is a very minor issue, I still feel like it would save time. A very minor issue can add up. And I bet lots of builders don’t know that that shortcut exists.

  • I knew that existed
  • I did not :slight_smile:

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I also did not know that shortcut existed, thanks for letting me know :grimacing:

Three years later, and this feature request might finally see the light of day!



sorry for late reply
but to me the most mildly infuriating thing about cylinders is not the default orientation when spawned in, nonono its when changing the height of a cylinder its not vertical, rather its on the x axis which doesn’t make sense at all

in the pictures below, the red represents the x axis, green y axis and blue z axis