Change the posting limit

Recently, the reply rate limit was changed. You can now only reply once every 1:30-2 minutes.

This seems reasonable at first until you realize people are multitasking or quickly replying to group DMs, which is where the issue is. 1:30 is too long to be waiting.

I think 30 seconds is totally reasonable. Normally I’d suggest something related to trust levels but that’s being “phased out” now.


It’s currently at 60 seconds (not 90 seconds) to avoid abusive situations, we will keep evaluating but currently it doesn’t seem like it impedes most normal forum usage. I recommend being more selective with your posts if you currently post more than once per 60 seconds.


Has this limit been recently increased from a lower value though? I too have been experiencing a lot more “you’re posting too frequently” alerts when I previously had no issues.

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Maybe reduce the cooldown for members with higher trust levels. Just a suggestion.

I think it went from 30 seconds to 60 seconds though, I have experienced the 30 second reply cooldown on a previous account, also thank you @Hooksmith for providing the answer as to why I am getting this popup

The staff are planning to make the Regular trust level not differ from the Member trust level as they recently released the @AllowBugReports group, Here is the announcement, and I had seen some regulars doing some spam on the forums, and reducing it for regulars sort of defeats the purpose of the reply cooldown

though the best bet to deal with the reply cooldown is to either write longer [which I am now doing for this account] or wait 60 seconds to reply

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Yes it’s been increased recently after some recent incidents as an additional safeguard.

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I don’t think that because some guy thought it’d be funny to make a bot which spammed slurs we should all be under “you have to wait 1 minute!”. I used to use DMS to communicate with other devs on a game, and if this existed back then it would have been totally shattering to the UX. It’s still mildly annoying (especially when you wake up and check your notifications, or are just getting a lot of DMs), but I can live with it. Bad/annoying UX != unusability

Normally I’d suggest “add discourse chat” but I don’t see the need for it here at all. DMs work fine, it’s just the new replying limit is annoying.

You should not be using the devforum to coordinate work chat, there are better platforms for this.


This was a long time ago, back in 2021(?) and one of the people on the team was “unable to get discord”, so we had no other choice but to use the forum.

As above private communication should be intentional and minimal in a forum setting and it is not expected that you use the forum for frequent communication like that. My understanding is that people who are hitting the limit have unconventional use cases like this that we don’t intend to support as a first-class use case.

If you see you are getting throttled on public posting for longer than 60 seconds there could be a bug in Discourse source code, let me know if that’s the case.


Also, has the maximum like amount been reduced for members? After liking around 200 posts the message popped up about reaching the like limit. I haven’t reached the limit before previously.

No nothing else has been changed for rate limits.

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