Changes to Hats and Body Parts

A blog post about the accessories rollout is up. We’re planning to update the asset types on the website tomorrow.


Any news on what the limits on customization will be since the conversion has started? There was no mention of it on the blog post. By customization limits I’m referring to the 1 hat per category. The initial plan was to allow 1 hat per category, but that would break a lot of existing, good-looking outfits. Earlier I suggested to not limit per category but limit the total number of accessories to #categories, which would be a good solution as both implementations allow for equipping up to eight accessories but this allows for more customization.

During the rollout, the limit will be 3 total, of any accessory type, so any existing hat combinations will be valid. We are investigating changing it afterwards.


After thinking on what @Brouhahaha mentioned, I’d like to add something to the discussion of hat limitations. The concern was that allowing multiple accessories per category would result in nonsensible customizations. I initially passed it off as “user’s avatar; their choice”, but I can see where that concern was coming from. When customizing my avatar, I frequently run into issues where hats are clipping and they look ugly, so I understand the disdain for conflicting hats. These clipping issues have even become the norm on ROBLOX, which I’m sure doesn’t improve ROBLOX’s image.

These clipping issues though rarely arise from desire though. They crop up because of lack of customization options. If users are limited to one accessory per category, we’re tackling the symptom and not the cause. Users will have even less customization options, and the root issue remains unresolved. What are the customization issues players have? Here are some that I’ve observed:

  • Non-diverse hair options
  • Hair clips through many helmets/hats/etc
  • I can’t get the coverage I want from accessories (e.g. I want a full-face helmet but can’t find one I like)

I still believe it necessary for users to be able to clip hats to retain customization options, but long term there are some things we can do to phase out hat clipping while still empowering customization:

  • Provide a plethora of hair options so that users don’t need to mix and match them
  • Somehow make hair compatible with various hats/helmets
  • Potentially create two models: the default, and one that’s close to a buzz cut based off of the default model that’s substituted in whenever a conflicting hat is worn
  • Provide accessories for accessories
  • Provide “sub-accessories” for popular hats instead of just retexturing them
  • I can toggle a visor, mouth guard, etc for a helmet
  • I can switch between a variety of horn styles on a monster helmet
  • I can opt to only have one tusk on an orc mask or remove both
  • I can change the hilt on my swordpack
  • I can add a flower to my tophat

Again, these are long-term solutions that probably rival this current change in magnitude, though potentially they could be gradually introduced instead of offering these options for all accessories at once. All in all, I believe that users should be encouraged out of hat clipping – not forced, even if it has to happen gradually.


There are almost 6 pages of hair though.

Also, hat clipping is like the best part of Roblox’s customization. It’s what makes finding creative hat combos fun, like people putting the antennae hat through eggs to make it look like eyeballs.

I agree that we should never ever limit people to only one accessory of each type though.


A lot of those hair pieces are either retextures and/or tacky e.g.

And even the good options sometimes have addons tacked on that should be separate accessories that may ruin the style you’re trying to achieve:

Even including all of the hair options though (~400 if all of those 6 pages are hair), they’re not very diverse. Take a look at some of the hair mods Bethesda games see and compare that that to the ROBLOX catalog. I think the popular ones typically offer ~100 hair models, but provide way more diversity than ROBLOX does. Even mods that include only 30 provide a better selection.


There’s this really cool hat and shades item, but sadly it has a false moustache and nose, so it would look really good if those items weren’t included, for a headless head for example.

That would be a good idea for those types of items, where you are offered more than just the one item in an item, if you get what I mean.

TFW you use Roundy as your head and your hat clips anyway. I can’t even wear any shades without only seeing the edges.

My dream hat when I was a kid was the Purple Indy. I got it (courtesy of @Merely actually, we did a trade that was totally unfair for him at the time [but nowadays it’s a huge win for him]) and realized… I can’t wear my hair with it. The top of the hair clips through really badly, so my only options are for my character to look like a dude or just not wear my, at the time, dream hat.

######i hope you all hear the world’s smallest violin while reading that dramatic story


Accessory categories are public for all users, the migration should happen later today through tomorrow.


I actually love what is happening with hats. Pretty neat.

Another thing is that will be able then to wear more hats (Although the default ever since then was a maximum of three.)

EDIT: It seems you can wear MORE hats now. This would be pretty cool if ROBLOX keeps it.4th Accessory.png

We’ve started the migration with waist accessories and we’ll be doing the rest of them later today/tomorrow. Keep an eye out!


Has this changed? Based on lalisa_manoban’s post it appears as if character’s can wear more than three accessories total, I’m assuming because the tail in this case is a different accessory type. Or is this because there are separate counts for hats and accessories, which will eventually collapse back down to three total when hats are fully migrated?

Yeah. I can EVEN wear a 5th with the Shinestone Eyes: Emerald Extreme aside from wearing a Cat Tail already.

I think this should stay. If not, then at least people can enjoy it whilst it lasted.

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Yes, you can wear up to 3 hats plus one of each other accessory type. So, up to 10 in total.


After the migration, you’ll be able to wear one of each of the different types of accessories and up to 3 hats.


Just viewed a thread in LMaD regards to wearing Hair.

This may cause a problem for those wearing a combination of hair such as for example Cinnamon Hair + Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People.

What will be the change in that?

I tried to give an answer. But I’ll leave the actual answer here to be posted by a Staff member. Thanks again.


I have a necklace that’s in the Front category, shouldn’t it be in the Neck one?

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I’ve got some wings defined as “Front”

You’re allowed 3 hat combinations so it shouldn’t affect hair-hat combos.

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She’s referring to hair-hair combos. As you can see in her earlier screenshot she’s wearing two pieces of hair.

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