Changes to Place Management


This is a perfect solution to the problem. The only change would need to be some way to distinguish the start place (other than just being at the top) so people don’t get confused.


i would have the Starting Place icon and then the down arrow to its right, and move create new place to if they open the place-list, otherwise its underused and very glaring as a bright green button


Could we have a solution like WingItMan’s to this problem? I’m still having issues with completely worthless and unusable start places. The fact I can no longer add places directly from the create tab > edit game and I have to manually do it from studio is an unnecessary problem in of itself.


I’m not sure why they’re forcing everyone to do things in Studio to make things “easier.”

A lot of people including myself do things on the website mostly because Studio’s places page is so unresponsive it’s unusable.


I agree, this is a bad change to place management and can easily be much better than what it is now.


I’m about to release a new update for my game. The map is completely different, many new features were added, and various bugs were fixed. We want our players to keep their data, but because of the huge overhaul, we don’t want to keep the ratings and what not.

Our release is supposed to be today, but I wasn’t expecting to run into this issue. I suppose we’ll just have to override the start place given the time constraints, but…it’s an annoying problem to run into.

@Seranok is there anyway to get an override of some sort?


We don’t have any official support for clearing ratings. You can always publish as an entirely new game to get a fresh start.


Why not just enable us to change the start page like we could previously?

Especially when DataStores are still not transferable to my knowledge.


DataStores are tied to the start place of the universe, so if you change the start place to change the ratings, the data will also be reset. These changes to place management have not taken away the ability to reset ratings without data (we could never do this).


That’s unfortunate.


Really? I could have sworn we did a few months ago around January. We changed the start place, and kept the data.


That is not accurate – data stores are tied to the universe itself.


It was tied to the start place a couple years ago.

I remember swapping the start place for one of my games and all of the data, including leaderboards, were wiped.

So the real question now is, why can’t we swap out start places anymore?


So what is the workflow for adding additional places to an existing game, now?

Is it:

  • create a new place which is automatically the start place for its own game
  • move the place into the existing game, which removes it from its original game, leaving an empty original game in the games list that can never be used again because it has no start place and the start place cannot be changed?

Or am I missing some ‘add new place to game’ button somewhere?


It’s in the game explorer. Right-click on the places folder.


Thanks. I feel stupid now. :slight_smile:


Yes, I totally agree with WingItMan in that you just have to rethink your UI and show places in a hierarchy within a game to make things clear. Why not try doing that and see how it goes?

And I really don’t understand why we can no longer change the start place within games as before.


Anyone else just treat each place/ game as its own singular entity still like it was back in the old days