Changes to scripts often do not publish - even outside of team create

I often get terrible experiences where specific scripts will not save when I publish the game. This isn’t an isolated problem, it’s one that almost everyone I’ve spoken to about this is aware of and experiences regularly. It’s also been highlighted many times on the forums but has been happening for a very long time. I understand that it is likely hard to isolate the issue, but the effect this has on my development is incredibly irritating.

What prompted me to make this post is that I made big changes to one of my games yesterday, revamping some UI, introducing an edited system for prompts to allow for a mini version of each, fixed a lot of bugs and made some server side optimisations. I then published the game, joined a new server and tested these changes to find that they were all working. Today I logged on and as usual published the real place to my testing game, then began editing it. About 20 minutes in I found that I was experiencing many of the bugs I had just fixed, and a lot of the changes I had made were not present. Some of the changes were there, however. I read through the code and found that some scripts had not saved, and had remained unchanged from before I had updated, while others had updated and had the new code in them. Because of this I have no idea what is and what isn’t fixed, and this is going to massively delay my overhaul of the game in preperation for it’s featuring on the 18th, meaning I’ll have to re-test all of this and then figure out what has been published and what hasn’t been.

Note that I am the sole developer of this game and I therefore do not use team create, and I always check the output to make sure there were no errors in publishing.


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