Team Create not saving script changes


Script changes made in Team Create do not always save, even after the script editor tab has been closed and the game has either been Published or Saved to Roblox. There is no need for any other users to also be editing in Team Create at the same time.

The changes do take effect in the same Team Create session. You can verify this as follows:

  • Re-open the script editor (changes are visible); or
  • Enter Run / Play Solo (any changes that produce effects, e.g. printing to output, will do so)

However, upon re-opening the place (from website or from Studio), the changes are reverted and the user is given this prompt:


This bug seems to have been happening for a while (see below for some relevant threads). I can reproduce it on my machine running Studio version 0.391.0.313677 (64bit) on Windows 10.


This bug happens 100% of the time when these steps are followed:

  1. Create a new Place, save or publish to Roblox, and enable Team Create

  2. Create a Script, place it in ServerScriptService, and enter the Script Editor

  3. Replace the default code with print(0)

  4. Close the Script Editor and save or publish to Roblox

  5. Exit and re-open the place in Studio

  6. Observe that the Script contains print(0) (save was successful)

  7. Having opened the Script Editor tab, change the code to print(1)

  8. Without closing the Script Editor tab, enter Run or Play Solo mode

  9. Observe in the Output window that 1 has printed

  10. Exit Run / Play Solo

  11. With the Script Editor tab still open, change the code back to print(0)

  12. Close the Script Editor tab
    (optional: verify the changes have been made in Studio by observing them in the Script Editor or by entering Run or Play Solo)

  13. Save or publish to Roblox

  14. Exit and re-open the place in Studio

  15. Observe the ‘unsaved script changes’ prompt pictured above

  16. Observe that the script reads print(1) - the latest script changes have not saved


It looks like there have been issues with Team Create not saving script changes for a while.

Relevant threads:


There are two key features to this bug.

The first is reverting your script change so that the Script Editor thinks no changes have been made (going from print(0) to print(1) back to print(0)).

The second is entering & immediately exiting Run / Play Solo after the first change with the Script Editor tab still open - not necessarily with the actual window open, but at least the tab.

Before entering Run / Play Solo, the tabs look as follows:

Once in Run or Play Solo, observe that the message sircfenner applied edits to script Script appears in the output, and the tabs still look as pictured above. Normally when this message appears, the asterisk beside Script* in the tab disappears. This happens when you close a Script Editor tab, for example. However, in this case the asterisk is still present despite the ‘applied edits’ message.

After exiting Run or Play Solo, observe that the tabs still look as pictured above.

After changing the code back to its original state (from print(1) back to print(0)), observe that the tabs now look as follows (note that the asterisk disappears but no message appears in the output):


If I can explain or demonstrate this any better in person, I’m here at HQ so drop me a message or an email and we can find a time.


Just lost a whole day of work.


I’ve always thought of the error popping up as a random bug on Studio as I’ve been more or less getting it every time I’ve logged onto Studio on Windows (don’t believe I’ve seen it on my Mac) and didn’t realize that the occasional work loss was an actual bug :eyes:

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Thank you for telling us about this bug. We have put in a fix for this issue, and I will keep this thread updated as to when the fix has been released to the public.


Not 100% related to this issue but very similar!

Just had studio completely delete some modules and folders randomly in my team create place. Ended a play test and they were just gone - didn’t even have them selected.

Managed to revert back a few hours and the files appeared again but unfortunately lost some other progress in the process.

Hey Everyone,
A fix for this issue has been sent out and is live. Thanks again for pointing out this issue with a solid repro so that it could be resolved quickly.


Please file new bug reports for new issues