Changing all cursors

Hey guys, is there a way to change all types of mouse icons, like the normal one is .Icon but what about the others? Like when you hover over a button.

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The mouse object only has 1 ‘icon’ property, it is changed by the internal engine in response to certain events e.g; hovering over a button.


So basically I can’t do it? limit


Yes, changing the mouse icon will change all mouse icons to your image. You cannot change them individually.

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It won’t, if you hover over a button it will turn into the default one.

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Maybe this could help solve your issue: When I hover my cursor over a button with a custom cursor it goes away

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How does the anchor point do anything lol

You can, you just need to code the custom behavior yourself.

local Game = game
local Script = script
local Players = Game:GetService("Players")
local Player = Players.LocalPlayer
local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()

local GuiObject = Script.Parent

local CustomIcon = 0 --Change this to the icon's image ID.

local function OnMouseEnter()
	Mouse.Icon = "rbxassetid://"..CustomIcon

local function OnMouseLeave()
	Mouse.Icon = "" --Assigning an empty string value resets the mouse back to its default icon.


MouseEnter and MouseLeave is unreliable, also default mouse will take over

Do you know how I can make the mouse stay on top of the roblox gui? Like the chat button and roblox button?

The script I provided is working fine on my end.

also default mouse will take over

Are you perhaps getting confused between the pre-existing mouse and a custom mouse?

A completely custom mouse will require you to program all of its behaviors.

It won’t ALWAYS work as it is unreliable

I’ve never encountered any issues with it.

You’re welcome to perform the above method every frame within a ‘RenderStepped’ loop if you feel inclined to do so.

You’d get the mouse cursor’s position from the following method.

Do you know how I can make the mouse stay on top of the roblox gui? Like the chat button and roblox button?

  • What about this question?

Can you demonstrate what you mean?