Changing Rigs while the Animation Editor is open can fill the Properties Widget with invalid entries

When using the animation editor widget and toggling back and forth between different rigs, there seems to be a random occurrence where something that was selected will have its properties permanently displayed in the properties no matter what you select. These invalid properties don’t seem to affect anything, but it bloats up the properties widget until a restart of studio is done.

This bug appears inconsistently, but frequently enough that attempting to do any form of animation in studio with more than 1 rig will reliably recreate this error after some time.

  • Selecting everything and then nothing does not fix the issue.
  • Modifying game.Selection to be an empty table also does not fix the issue.

Quick Note, I don’t know for sure, but I have a small suspicion this bug might overlap with this other bug I reported:

Studio showing BasePart information when nothing is selected:

Studio showing a weird combination of BasePart information + TextChatService when TextChatService is selected:

Another case where Humanoid properties got stuck:

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you;

Hi there,

We have reasons to believe that this bug was, as you suspected, linked to the multiple selection issue.

Can you confirm that you are still seeing these invalid entries? If not, we’ll simply close this ticket.