Swapping Rigs overtime with the Animation Editor causes the Studio Dragger to slow down

When swapping between rigs when using the Roblox Animation Editor, there appears to be some sort of memory leak, as using the Studio Dragger causes massive drops in framerate that only get worse overtime. This issue does not go away until Studio gets restarted.

Related bugs:

Video of dragger causing loss of framerate:

Video of same interaction except that I restarted studio:

Here’s a case where I had Studio running for several hours, animating on and off:

Hi there! Thanks for your reports.

Tickets have been opened for each of them and we’ll investigate as soon as possible.


Hello! Our apologies for the delay.

We are having difficulties reproducing your issue. You seem to be moving a standard Part around, not a rig. Which means that the ACE should be deactivated at that point (asking you to click on its window to reactivate it).

Could you possibly attach the place you’ve used to record your videos and provide a comprehensive list of steps to reproduce the bug?

Thank you!

I’ve sent you a DM of the place since it has sensitive information and also added more context

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Hi there!

Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce your issue.

I have loaded your place, I have started the ACE, played around with it, selecting multiple rigs, animating some parts, etc… Then I have left the ACE open for the entire night, playing an animation.

This morning, there was no drop in framerate, and the memory footprint of Studio was exactly the same.

There is a small chance that that specific issue has been fixed very recently. Also, I have fixes for the other issues you mentioned above (although they are not in the released build yet), and maybe everything was connected.

I suggest we wait for those fixes to be released. In the meantime, since it seems like closing the ACE solves your issue, I suggest you keep doing that from time to time as a workaround.


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