Character Animations - ModuleScript for new entries


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to add new animations or emotes without creating a new script and waiting for original animations.

StarterCharacterScripts can’t do much, sadly.
You can remove the script quick enough to not make it play anything, but do we really need to do that?

We should be able to add new emotes with just one module.
Example module content could be:

return {
	dance4 = { -- Animation name
		animNames = { -- Used in animNames, new animation entry
			{ id = "rbxassetid://ANIMATION_ID", weight = 10 };
		emoteNames = true; -- Used in emoteNames. If nil, it won't be an emote.

(I assume you know how Animate script works)

If Roblox is able to address my issue, it would save us some time and of course make overrides much easier.
We will also be sure the animation script is up to date.

Maybe a small rework could be useful as well?


I believe if you name the custom script in StarterCharacterScripts the same as the core script, the core script will be replaced by the custom one. This applies to StarterPlayerScripts, too.

However, I do support an official, modular & easy-to-use way of customising some of the core scripts. There should be some way we can at least add to their functionality without us manually grabbing a version which could become outdated.


This should be considered, because of the new HumanoidDescription. Please do.