Character Audio Script Exhausts Remote Event

This occurs from time to time, not specifically sure what causes this bug. Although, the error in this screenshot was caused from walking into a corner of part. image


What honest to god is the point of CharacterSoundEvent anyway…there’s no reason for networking to be necessary for this kind of stuff.

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Allowing character sounds to replicate properly and in a controlled manner when RespectFilteringEnabled is enabled on SoundService. It is a way to combat certain exploit variants.


In my game and in a PR that got denied from core scripts (for acceptable reason), I do all sounds locally on the client. This satisfies both RespectFilteringEnabled and lack of any networking.

Say Player A is walking near Player B, if all sounds are local how does Player B hear Player A walking.

Because the local script tracks the Humanoid of Player B as they’re walking. When it walks, it plays the sound locally at their head.

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I see, far more sophisticated than the system built in.


I agree with you. Clients have enough information locally to infer what sounds to play. No need to clog up the pipes with this stuff.


I’ve been getting this error for months now, and have posted about it before in other sections only to be told it would be fixed. It happens when I respawn characters myself on death, but the error continues for seemingly the rest of the server for every single death, and it has very little time between each attempted invocation (as can be seen below).



(Also, not sure if it’s dev console lag, but it lags the game up insanely)


This is an annoying side effect of the fact that the default sound script is located inside the Character and therefore does not exist when the Character doesn’t exist. Thus, when the Character is despawned, you will eventually exhaust the remote’s internal queue.

You can (temporarily) fix this by adding a localscript to StarterPlayer->StarterPlayerScripts with the following code:

local useSoundDispatcher = UserSettings():IsUserFeatureEnabled("UserUseSoundDispatcher")
local Event
if useSoundDispatcher then
	Event = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("DefaultSoundEvents"):WaitForChild("DefaultServerSoundEvent")
	Event = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("DefaultServerSoundEvent")
Event.OnClientEvent:Connect(function() end)

Note that this isn’t expected to work indefinitely. Several months ago Roblox added the entire “SoundDispatcher” thing without warning, which means you now have to check 2 locations instead of just 1 for the remote.

I wonder if this could be fixed internally by putting the default sound script under StarterPlayerScripts instead of under the actual Character.


Thankyou!!! I tried this and it’s working :slight_smile:

For a few months now I’ve been getting this error randomly spammed in my server log:

This event is part of the character model as you can see by the location. I don’t know how to fix this and if I did I would. Every time this happens (which is random by the way) it spams it multiple times per second in the console and doesn’t allow me to see actually important debug info/errors in the console which makes debugging a nightmare. It’s located in this place, but we have it private so that we don’t have normal people trying to join (the group has about 1k people in it). If you want to take a look, shoot me a dm on the dev forums.

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hi, this is still happening and is affecting my game, it makes it really really difficult to debug stuff


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I reported this yesterday and it was spamming the server.

Just got another report of it today however so I joined and it wasn’t spamming the server, just their client. This is an odd bug.

This is the screenshot they sent me:

This is not necessarily a bug. This is more just poor design. This is a symptom of not spawning the player’s character or deleting the sound script within the character. The code that handles the event is inside the sound script in the character, so if it doesn’t exist then the remote’s queue fills up and this error starts flooding the console.

This response contains this information and a workaround and was linked to you in your thread yesterday.

Any other solutions for this? I’m still having the issue even after trying the proposed solution.
I am using a custom StarterCharacter but I am using the default CharacterScripts.

The only way I know on how to fix this is to destroy or disable the sound dispatcher script currently. This was a serious bottleneck in Redshift Arena, due to how my ragdoll system works. I’m currently in the process of rewriting the sounds script, preferably one that doesn’t spam “Remote Event Exhausts” 18,000 times, tanking the FPS down to 1 FPS before eventually causing the client to crash.

I still am not sure why the developer console has to spam that the remote event was exhausted, or spam any other error message for that matter. It serves no purpose other than to crash games.

This is still an issue for me. It makes debugging extremely annoying. Can someone please look into changing this?

Edit: Plus the solution doesn’t even work anymore. -_-


It’s now August and this issue is still occurring. However now it’s occurring with the FreeFalling sound instance within the Player’s head.