Character Creation Problem

Im trying to make my default character for my game, but its not working.

When i spawn in the character just wont move, and it is stuck in the air.

I have tried to unanchor all the parts, but as soon as i spawn they fall apart. I’m not a builder really so I don’t have experience in this.

Here is what is inside the character and what it looks like:


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Do I have to rig it first? I’m following this tutorial (How to make & rig R15 character in Roblox Studio [updated version, step by step] - YouTube) because I am not a builder at all. And it shows him walking around with the character before he has rigged it. Or do I have to lock / unlock all the parts?

Okay, you should rig it (for animating the walking, jumping, etc). This plugin is SUPER easy to use, I use it a lot for rigging Rig Editor - Roblox. You will have to unanchor all of the parts for this to work well, and it needs to be rigged so it doesn’t fall apart. This will allow you to spawn as it, and later you can add animations by changing out the default ones (but that is another post). If you have any other questions, I would be glad to help. Good luck!

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This is what happens when i unanchor everything. The part in the middle is the humanoid root part. You can move that, but nothing else. So, to sum it all up it needs to be rigged, unanchored everything. To stay together and work like a normal character? Just making sure in case I do anything wrong.

Also, is there any tutorials for that or how do I use it?

Try using the plugin I suggested, it is not complex. I will send images and a more thorough explanation in a second, I am going to recreate your setup to walk you through it

Okay, so start of with your character. You need This Plugin Put the rig in workspace. Set the PrimaryPart to humanoidRootPart

Next, open the plugin (I forgot a humanoid in my character, so I added it in the next image)

Now, press continue, and under “create joints”, select the part to be the base part. think about how a normal character is set up (the way the attachments are), and replicate it. For example, you would rig the torso to the head, but not the head to the arm (because the arm is not attached to the head). See image.

Now, the last step is to make sure the humanoid root part is welded onto the torso. exit out of the plugin, and put the startercharacter back into starterplayer. Then, you should be able to use it! It should turn out something like the video below
robloxapp-20210119-1409020.wmv (974.1 KB)
Note: There will not be animations for this custom character, as it is custom. You will have to make them yourself, and apply them by copying the animations script, and changing the animation values. Best of luck! If this helped, make sure to mark it as the answer, so others can find it later on.

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Alright, i did all this.

Is this correct? Also, about the root part being welded onto the torso, which torso? The upper one (the big one) or the lower torso (the one at the bottom right ontop of the legs).

Looks almost correct, really just one thing wrong. I would connect the shoulders to the torso, instead of to the head. This is really easy to do - go to the “delete” part of the plugin, and select the two shoulder joints, then delete them and re-do them onto the torso. Then, test it, and see if it works well! it doesn’t matter what the humanoidrootpart is welded onto, don’t worry about that. Looks great!

Your character is missing Motor6D’s and animations (to show your character walking realistically). Your finished product should look something somewhat like this

There are a bunch of Motor6D’s in the Torso which prevents your character from falling apart.

How would I get those? I’m just thinking of doing my custom animations since its for an FPS game.

Just do what I told you, and follow this for animating Custom Character Animations

So, does it really matter if I don’t weld the humanoid root part with the upper torso? Also, how do I weld stuff together, I’m not a builder AT all and I just returned to studio after a long break of game development, and my last game wasn’t really good.

You can google a lot of this stuff. The welding simply keeps the character attached to the humanoid root part, it is needed so it stays together with you. You can weld by going to the home tab, and up by constraints, clicking it and selecting weld. Then, click the two parts you want to weld together. Best of luck!

Alright. I did it, but is it meant to be looking like this? Lol

That is the Roblox animations playing on your character, you will need to override them with your own to make it work right

I followed this tutorial. There’s a plugin in the description.

6:24 timestamp is the part where they show you how to rig it (I think). Not too sure though because I did this half a year ago and forgot.

So. This is all set for it to be animated with the roblox animator plugin right. This is how it looks in explorer

Yup, that should do it! You just need to override Roblox’s animations, and it’s set!

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