Character meshpart color

Hello I’m Rask,
For a game i’m making i need to be able to change the color of my pet in game.
However i have been searching for a bit and i can’t seems to find a way to change the color when a model is rig cause since it’s just one meshpart i need to use a texture and roblox doesn’t let me modify or touch color on a meshpart so i’m kinda stuck rn. If you have any tips about this i’m taking


Mesh parts have a property you can change for color.


Use your mesh parts propereties, you can change a lot from there not just the color.

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like i said the meshpart has a texture on so modifying color won’t do anything

i mean i tried a lot of idea, i didn’t find any good solutions

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oh sorry im not that great when it comes to meshes, try searching for a tutorial or something

i read every devforum talking about it didn’t seems to have a solution either

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try reading this post i think it has the same problem as yours:

i hope i helped

I mean no since the solutions is to edit the texture color which is not what i want since it’s need to be scriptable so yeah kinda stuck there

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There is no way then. The way that textures work is that they get uploaded as a texture meaning that you can’t change the texture of something as it’s uploaded. Your best bet would be to upload many different versions of the texture in different colors.

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i mean if transparent texture was a thing it could work kinda stupid it doesn’t work

If you want the texture to be transparent why cant u just remove the texture and then change color?

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when i tried it didn’t seems to work

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