Character occasionally spawns as R6 in Play Solo while place settings force R15


On the place linked below, when I start (Accurate) Play Solo while cloud editing the place, my character sometimes shows up with an R6 rig rather than with an R15 rig. This complicates testing because I expect to get R15 rigs for my player characters all the time, since I’m live editing and I clearly have specified that it should be R15-only.

How to repro:

  1. I open up this place in cloud edit in Studio (not Team Create):

  2. I press Play Solo (Accurate Play Solo)

  3. Occasionally, the character will spawn with an R6 rig, as seen here:

This is the relevant avatar setting: (as seen on


Additional information:

Studio version: 0. 354. 0. 238636

I cannot recall having seen this occur in Studio on this place until a few days ago or so at most.

It seems to correlate with this bug, although I’m not 100% sure on that:

i.e. if the character takes a while to load in, it seems more likely to have the R6 rig than the R15 rig. However, it is never 100% consistent that I’m getting the R6 or R15 rig in either case. This might all be in my head though.

I have never (yet) reproduced this in a live instance on this place, it’s only in Studio, where it’s frequent enough for it to be an annoyance (once every 10-20 tries perhaps?) on top of the issues in the other bug report linked above.

Inconsistent Avatar Types On Studio Run

I’ve had this happen to me also within the past week


Can confirm, has been happening to me at similar frequencies.


This has happened to me as well, but a bit farther back, started noticing this probably last month, no real rhyme or reason to it, just seems random.


I’ve noticed an inconsistency with the avatar types whenever I run studio after a while. My game is set to spawn characters with R15, but from time to time I spawn with R6.

This occurs regularly after several runs with studio within an estimated 5 minute interval. (I think this has started since the new Accurate Play Solo was introduced)

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro