Character sit height is lower than before on unanchored Seats and Vehicleseats

As of recently, the character sit height on unanchored Seats and Vehicleseats has changed.

Before, the sit height was aligned so that the character’s legs was on top of the seat like this:

But now it aligns so that the torso is on top of the seat instead (when the seat is unanchored), causing the legs to go through the seat:

This gets noticable in my game because people’s characters will have their legs stick through the bottom of cars and sit unusually low. I can trace this back to around the time when Rthro was added. But I didn’t notice this happened with non-Rthro characters too until now. The behaviour is still what it used to be with anchored seats.

It looks like this is related to a change that @CodeWriter mentioned a few days ago.

Possibly, but that seems to be almost the opposite of this issue. And it looks to have been fixed already since I can’t reproduce it in-game.

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Are you still having issues with your seats?

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Yes, I just tested again and the same issue is still there. If it’s to any help it can be reproduced by just inserting a Seat or VehicleSeat and setting Anchored to false.

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I am still having issues with the character floating above the seat. Are you still working on a fix for that?

A fix for this is coming. Unfortunately, we found a bug in the last version that I was hoping would fix this, so it won’t be out this week.


@CodeWriter Would you happen to have a rough idea when you think this will be fixed? Thank you.

We’re trying to get it out as soon as possible, but there have been some delays due to bugs found in the solution as well as changes in the release schedule due to upcoming holidays. I am hoping this code will be out before the end of the year.

If you are having issues with anchored seats in particular, you can temporarily create a script modify the HumanoidRootPart CFrame after the weld is created to lower it to match the seat. This is where the bug in the current code lies.


its been 6 years and the glitch is still here lol