Character talk help

Hello guys, so I want to make a part that when the player thouchs it, it appears a gui showing a text like he is talking, and i want to make that gui change to others texts with a different time in each of them, I already made the guis, I just want to know how can I make it appears like a talk from the character

This might help:

Dialog is currently broken it seems like, I’ve experimented with it quite extensively and it isn’t working. The “DialogChoiceSelected” function was broken by the FE update and never fixed (you can tell by the article).

My suggestion would be to use a BillboardGui and script it as its own UI.


Your best bet is if you want to have different conversations is to have a UI towards the bottom of the screen with all of the dialogue in a script and the text will be set to the dialogue.

Made something like what you wanted a little while ago. HereText.rbxm (7.2 KB)

Put the script inside of Starter Gui and put the billboard gui inside of your NPC.

Change the values inside of the script to your NPC and your GUI.

Put the Gui inside the script, and it could work.

local NPCDialogue = script.Dialogue

local NPC = script.Parent

         NPCDialogue.Text = "Hi!"

It isn’t recommend to change player Gui from Server Side as it can result in replication problems, but even if you used the current code, it won’t work either way because you’re referencing StarterGui and not PlayerGui, both are different.

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Yeah, I wasn’t really expecting it to work :confused:

Try using this code:

(might not work ._.)

    game:GetService("Chat"):Chat(script.Parent, "Hi!", Enum.ChatColor.White)