Characters Falling Apart

Ever since our game enabled StreamingEnabled, we have seen a rise in reports from tablet users that characters fall apart (as depicted below). We are not using any custom characters/morphs. It is a local issue as the other player who “fell apart” is seen by anyone on a computer just fine, but the tablet user still sees them fallen apart. I have not been able to reproduce this on my iPad, but the reports keep flooding in nonetheless.

Note: The custom equipment you see on some characters are Accessories. PC users can see players just fine without them falling apart.


During testing of our game, one tester kept experiencing this with NPC characters in our game. This started when we enabled StreamingEnabled as well.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


We have a fix for this implemented and should be rolling it out over the next few weeks. It will take some time before all mobile clients have the client with the fix.


Is the fix out yet? We’re getting a lot of new reports about this same bug recently. Here’s a couple videos of the bug sent to us by users…

I think it is out now…

I was having this issue in late February - Mid March but now the issue has seemed to stop.

I will update you if it starts happening again.

~ finnsofficial

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I had to make some changes to the fix so it isn’t live currently. If you are interested in testing the fix early then please send me a private message with the place ID you are seeing the issue on and would like to test with.


I’m not sure whether the fix is out yet, but it seems like the issue is occurring (at least in our game). We are still having quite a big amount of incoming reports regarding this issue.

Here’s an example:

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There are some changes enabled that are designed to fix this issue, but not all of them.

I don’t see this kind of issue with normal avatars/characters during my testing. Are you doing anything special with your character models? Are you able to make a simple repro place?


Not really anything special, we are just adding some custom make accessories to the characters among removing packages (the packages are removed only for players on computer). We have also a custom ragdoll script as well, but I doubt that is causing any problems in this spectrum.

We’re gonna make a quick repro place. Once we’re done with it, I’ll send it to you over direct messages, if that’s okay.

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If you can send a simple repro place via DM that would be great, thanks.


Has any progress been made with this issue, I have the same issue occurring in the gold palace for mobile users.
PlaceId: 596725918

Did your dms yield any progress?

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My latest information is that this problem is still being investigated. I received this information on August 5th in DM’s.

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