Chat bubble not centering correctly?

This is the only script in the game:


Have you tried using Tweenservice instead of interpolate? Try that, it might fix your issue and in my opinion it’s outright better in a lot of cases due to the tween types and such

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I don’t think the method of moving the camera has any impact. I tried both interpolation and just setting the CFrame of the camera. For some reason bubbles seem to offset whenever the camera mode is scriptable.

managed to find the fix to this here: Bubble Chat drawing incorrectly when Camera isn't centered


Why does the character move, are you moving with him?

I’m not really that good at scripting, but It think you should try removing lines of script to see what is wrong, and then fix that line of script. if there is no problem, then there is probably a problem with the ROBLOX camera.

Try to avoid doing this or giving this kind of advice.

If you remove lines of code from your script, you are chancing bugs in your code and your test would break which then leads to you being unable to resolve the root issue in the first place. The camera isn’t a bug simply because your code doesn’t work either.

Employ proper debugging strategies, there are many tools in Studio that allow you to do this. Even just printing or experimenting with different values is enough. In this case, the BillboardGui’s position is slightly unexpected due to the way it works.