Chat Bubble Simple Script Not Working

Hey Devs!

I am making a simple system that whenever a local player is popping a UI that can be seen by everyone pops above their head which indicates they are typing something. However, my script looks fine and does not work as intended.

The Output only displays: TypingBubble is not a valid member of MeshPart "Workspace.bulder251.Head"

However, I don’t see why my script wouldn’t work… when I took care of what is needed above.

Here are images of my scripts:

Any feedback?

Thank you so much.

This error means that the typingbubble isn’t being added to the head. Make sure that the name is typed correctly and that it is actually inside the head when testing.

I did make sure that was the case. However, it did not work. :-C

I don’t know why, but the first script will not work if you are wearing a certain type of head accessories. You should change the second line of the first script - instead of “CharacterAdded” use “CharacterAppearanceLoaded”:

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definitely try CharacterAppearanceLoaded, usually works if CharacterAdded doesn’t !