Chat disappearing/breaking?

LocalScript in RepStorage (basically removes the core stuff during the intro)

Chat:RegisterChatCallback(Enum.ChatCallbackType.OnCreatingChatWindow, function()
    return {
        ClassicChatEnabled = true,
        BubbleChatEnabled = true,

StarterGui:SetCore('TopbarEnabled', false)

Then when they click the start button,

StarterGui:SetCore('TopbarEnabled', true)

However, the chat bar breaks, so chatting doesn’t show up in the chat history.

Note this WORKS in studio, it does NOT work in online play tho

Hmm… this normally just happens when ClassicChatEnabled is set to false. Do you have ChatModules in your Chat?

I mean this one:


Furthermore I don’t think you need this passage:

When u disable the Topbar u can’t use the chat anyway.

Note: I’m not to advanced in this direction, it could be wrong.

Hope I could help.

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Instead of disabling the Topbar, why not try setting the transparency to 1 using :SetTopBarTransparency?

Example here:

I disable it as that’s easier than disabling all the other elements on the top bar (chat/backpack/emotes/playerlist)

I re-enable the chat bar tho. The Chat service only has a BubbleChat localscript in it, that’s all I’m forking.

Even if I remove everything from Chat, it still is the same. So it has something to do with TopBar not enabling the chat back properly or something

If its in a localscript in ReplicatedStorage (and not ReplicatedFirst), and I’m not mistaken, then the code shouldn’t run at all. Are you sure you aren’t modifying the coreguis anywhere else?

Please don’t reply if you aren’t sure of something or at least have a basis to stand by because you run the risk of providing incorrect information.

This is not intended behaviour for the chat scripts but whether it’s a bug with the scripts or the implementation isn’t known. As for what you said “isn’t needed”, all that does is modify the chat settings so that both bubble and regular chat can be used. The line is irrelevant to the problem.

There’s a lack of information on this thread so it’s pretty hard to determine what the source of error is. Remember that you should always provide as much detail as you can. Mind explaining how your chat is supposedly breaking or disappearing? Context is needed behind that statement.

Another thing:

RegisterChatCallback with OnCreatingChatWindow is best used in ReplicatedFirst so that you can hook the callback before the chat scripts invoke it, let alone load up. It may break convention for your code but I strongly recommend moving that chunk to ReplicatedFirst.

Sorry I meant RepFirst. The script is in RepFirst.

How my chat is broken? Look at the picture. The chat bar. It’s at the top of the screen, where’s the chat history? I can’t see what others have typed.

Your chat bar isn’t broken then, it’s just being registered as bubble chat only mode.

Do you know of any code that may be conflicting with the chat setting? Do you fork the chat at all and if so, have you modified its settings?

I haven’t forked the chat at all. There’s no scripts inside the Chat service.

Chat:RegisterChatCallback(Enum.ChatCallbackType.OnCreatingChatWindow, function()
    return {
        ClassicChatEnabled = true,
        BubbleChatEnabled = true,

Don’t know how it’s allowing bubble, but not classic with this piece of code. Also, if it works in studio, then it should work online.

This is how it SHOUD look, screenshot taken from studio play solo