Chat Name Colours and VIP Nametag with New Beta Chat Feature

How would I go about changing the colour of a player’s username? I want to make them all white and have no scripting knowledge.

Not only that, but I want to give whoever buys my VIP game pass a little yellow nametag saying VIP.


Chat Service is your best bet.

What is that lol? As mentioned, I have 0 experience with scripting.

The original poster is talking about the new TextChatService. Not the Legacy ChatService.

You can try reverse engineering the code from the example usages rbxl files from the announcement

Someone made a resource on the DevForum for easy configuration to the new chat service. If you have no knowledge in scripting, then this is what you need.

Take a look: TextChat+ v1.1 - A new way to manage TextChatService Tags

I hope this helped :slight_smile:

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