Chat says there's a new message but there isn't

I’ve recently been having a problem where when I message a friend through chats and say bye to them, it says they replied back but they didn’t. I’ve told them about this on Discord and he said he didn’t message me back after my “bye”.

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Note: This isn’t a solution to the bug itself, merely a workaround that may or may not work. The Bug Still exists and there are no promises that this will work.

Sometimes you’re able to open up the chat that is supposedly showing that you have a new message and double click the chat bar and it’ll go away…But not in all cases. I’ve encountered this multiple times and if double clicking the chat bar didn’t work then I just waited for a while and it sort of fixes itself, Not sure what else to tell you but it’s at least worth a shot. :slight_smile:


Just tried it out and it worked. Thanks for your time! :smiley:

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Hey, No problem!! Happy it worked!! :smiley:

Can I just point out that this thread isn’t solved? The case you experienced right now may have been fixed with a workaround, but either way this is still an unresolved bug and shouldn’t be marked as solved since this isn’t a support section.

There’s so many times I encounter ‘unread’ chats on the site that will just say unread no matter what I do.


It is Solved for Anross, but not for the bug itself. So I guess it’s 50/50 solved? Anross no longer has the bug, but the bug still exists. So you could look at it as, the thread is solved because Anross no longer has the bug, but it isn’t solved because the bug still exists.

I think what I just said made 0 sense.

This isn’t a support section. A bug report is solved when the bug is solved, which is the last I’ll say about this here since this thread will get derailed if it turns into a full-on conversation about when a bug report is or isn’t solved.

This bug is one of the ones that bother me most and I really don’t want this thread to give the misinformation that the bug is solved when it really isn’t.

Sorry I misread some of what you previously posted.

You’re correct. I gave him support. Not an actual solution for the bug. So it should still be marked unsolved until the big is resolved by Roblox. I’ll edit my “workaround” to make it more clear so no one confuses it for a solution that works every time.

You can also send a message to the chat, and it normally will get rid of the notification.

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Just to clarify, the thing Nox had said helped me with my problem.

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