Chat with Voice Developer Beta

Most likely not, its just a method to keep underage users safer. Some kids could get voice chat, and leak sensitive info because there is no censor/filter.


I’m in the beta, and I have my ID verified on the Roblox account. I have a game set to 30 player’s, but it still says I am ineligible to use the Spatial Voice Feature.



That’s because right now verifying your age won’t automatically give you voice chat. You need to be one of the selected ones to be able to use it due to it being not available for everyone yet.


I kinda hate that, They make anyone be able to turn it on in studio, But most people still cannot use it because of the beta, They should just make it availible for everyone who verified but aren’t in beta if its in studio


Unfortunately, No.

Filling the character requirement


Hi developers! Excited to share that we’ve released a new API that allows you to detect Voice-enabled users and customize your experience accordingly!


But when do we actually get to use it ourselves, seems like it’s been working as intended why is it still in beta?


Hey @BitFist, For those who can not yet verify their account for verification still get access to VC on games they have studio access to? This would make it possible for developers to run In-game tests with others relating to voice-chat on their own games without needing to give tons of people studio access.

TLDR; Can users who have studio access to a game gain access to VC for that specific game without needing to verify?


Any plans to add speech to text?

It’d be cool to see someone use something like to make NPCs you can control via voice.

:crossed_fingers: hoping it’s released to the general public soon so I can mess with this
(uh or maybe give it to devforum regulars sooner? UwU definitely no bias)


They’ve mentioned in the RDC 2021 conference that in the future you won’t need verified IDs to use the voice chat feature, it kind of seems useless now but I suppose they are allowing basic swearing so it’s just maturing the content for people who do verify. You’ll just have to be patient with the other updates just like we’re all waiting for voice chat itself to release for the public still…


The thing I’m pretty annoyed at is that people who verified aren’t in some way “prioritized”, it clearly said that when you verify your age, you’d get VC (yes, i know it’s not instant or anything, but still). Why give it ONLY to developers, “developers”? What exactly is considered a developer? Obviously it’s not JUST top devs, randoms are also getting it, which make it NOT a developer beta.


Those who are in a DevEx program, do they have to verify age since they have already done so?

Not everyone who is DevEx eligible / cashing out has verified age (for example, me!) - this is a new thing for when there is account age uncertainty or just at the DevEx team’s discretion.

Ok I see, is just that I know in order to DevEx, you must be 13+… which is the same requirement for Spatial Voice

Yes - but some people haven’t verified their age through the same process so just because a user has DevEx’d is not proof of age.

do you know when spatial voice will be available for all developers? I havent received any invite to the program

When Roblox is ready to roll it out to everyone else; it will happen in the next few months.

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They did say it’s coming out to all verified users in autumn.


Totally agree with you. Random people are getting it, not just developers. So what is a developer on Roblox’s eyes during this beta?


Where specifically have they said that?