Chat with Voice Developer Beta

[Update] September 30, 2022


A few weeks ago, we launched the Roblox Community Space and invited a select number of eligible developers to preview the upcoming Spatial Voice feature. Today, we have just added an option within Studio for you to enable and test Spatial Voice within your experiences!

We will also be expanding the Spatial Voice beta over the coming weeks to include 13+ users who verify their age. Age Verification can be accessed in Settings > Account Information under your birthday. The opt-in feature is being gradually rolled out over the next few weeks, and those who choose to participate will become eligible for early access to Spatial Voice as we expand its beta enrollment. To learn more about Age Verification, check out our recent announcement.

Starting Today:

  • All developers can choose to enable Spatial Voice within their experiences. Publishing an experience with Spatial Voice enabled will allow all Developer Beta users to use Voice in the experience
  • Testing available in Team Test in Studio for all devs, but ONLY Developer Beta participants can “hear” Spatial Voice

Keep checking this thread, we will keep it updated with the latest features & eligibility as we expand the beta.

How to Test & Enable Spatial Voice

All developers now have the ability to enable Spatial Voice within your experience. But there are a few important things to note:

  • You can choose to enable Spatial Voice and publish your experience, but only Developer Beta users will be able to use Voice in your experience
  • Access to the Spatial Voice Developer Beta is still limited
  • Testing available in Team Test in Studio for all, but ONLY Developer Beta participants can “hear” voice
  • Your experience must have the maximum number of users set to 30 or less

While we are in this phase of testing, access to the Developer Beta will still be limited to select, eligible developers. We know you’re excited to try Spatial Voice, but please be patient while we roll out access to the Beta!

See the DevHub article for more information.

[Update] Oct 15, 2021 - Voice API

[Update] Nov 8, 2021

[Update] Nov 16, 2021

We have re-enabled age verification for all users!

Before you start the age verification process, ensure that you have all accepted documents ready. Note that school IDs, military IDs, and certain domestic passports are not accepted at this time.

We expect wait times to be no more than a few minutes, even during peak hours. Once you begin a session, please be patient in the queue until it is your turn to submit verification; if you exit the session, you will lose your spot in the queue.

[Update] Apr 21, 2022

[Update] Apr 28, 2022


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Exciting! I’m confused about one thing:

What do you mean by this? I’m unable to test voice chat in my own games if I can’t “hear” the voice, right?




Seems awesome! Can’t wait for the future of Voice Chat.


Do people who have received irl developer awards, attend RDC or DevEx have to verify their age? As that info would already be linked to our accounts.


I don’t really think most people on the forum like the idea of this as there is a whole thread on it.


Can you enlighten me – where is the setting for disabling/enabling Spatial Voice? I can’t find it in any services nor the Game Settings nor the Place Settings.

Never mind, found it–for those interested, set player count to <30 and look in “Options”. It is stated on the DevHub but should also be on here.


I loved the developer test it was so fun glad to see its expanding

The requirement for games to have 30 or less Players in a server is weird but I’m assuming that’s for testing purposes


Why is this limited to games with less than 30 max players? This will stop so many people from adopting it into their games & will completely prevent us from using it in BedWars or Islands.


Its under options in game settings.


THIS IS INCREDIBLE! At last the community will be able to communicate more easily in the metaverse experiences. Although I have my doubts with this feature I can’t wait to try it out.


Personally, I think that during Team Test in studio, all people in that team test session should be able to use it. Further documentation for this service would also be nice.


Anyone else getting 404 on the devhub article?


It’s likely just a temporary thing and the number will probably be gradually increased over time. This feature is still in beta, after all.


there isn’t much detail for how minors can verify their age since some of us don’t have any IDs or anything + passports could be outdated photos/names. I think there should be a bit more clarification or maybe school IDs can be used?


Very excited to hopefully test it out ASAP, though I still don’t know how I feel about that age verification.

I am also NO expert in legal stuff, but is it even legal for users of 13 years of age or older to give their documents to some Roblox and that Verification site/app, not sure what it is entirerly. (This probably IS legal, though as I said, I don’t know how to feel about that, can I actually trust some company Roblox is using?)


Dev hub link doesn’t work. Can you guys fix that?


Probably because they are separate systems.


Hello, just a quick question, how would this feature be moderated? This enables people to bypass the roblox chat filter and is difficult to keep records of.

Is there, or will there be a system to resolve this issue? Will there be a method to keep records?
[the devhub article is currently non-existent]