ChatPlus — For your chat modification and formatting needs!

Hello developers!

On the day of writing this I was working on a revamp of my personal chat system thinking about how I could make it easy to customize and have lots of cool features too. I couldn’t find a preexisting system that worked with the complexity that I was hoping for. So instead of just working on it for my games, I chose to make it into an open-source system for anybody to use!

Introducing ChatPlus! :tada: :tada:

You can get the system here:

If needed, the documentation for ChatPlus can be found here.

You can also look at the direct source code here:


  • Easily use Roblox’s Lua Chat System without the hassle of setting it all up yourself
  • Fully customize what a chat message shows up as in your game in a short time span
  • Set specific users to have their own chat formatting
  • Assign complex formatting for groups such as: rank specific formatting, ranges of ranks, and formatting to be applied to all members
  • Setup a custom system/server message with your own formatting
  • A built in module for easily creating your own custom ChatSpeakers
  • Client sided settings to dynammically control things like BubbleChat at any time needed
  • Ability to have special formatting for gamepass owners






More examples of the system can be seen here.

If you have any ideas for future features please reply to the topic with your idea! I read all of the replies! Same with bug reports! Please report any issues with the system!

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Note (May 21, 2021): I just updated all the links in this post and all replies that link to the ChatPlus documentation website to the new one.


Excited to test it! Seems very useful. Thanks for making!

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Got any videos/pictures of this being used? Would really sell it better if we could see the full extent of what it is capable of before trying it.


Great idea! I’ll get to that as soon as I can!

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Hi @Crystalflxme , Thank you for sharing this resource, it is very interesting and useful.

Would you kindly create a link to Source code (preferably Github and/or Pastebin) for people who want to read the source but don’t have any access to a PC or maybe want to contribute to the source

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Sure thing! I’ll get to that today!

gonna save this, would be perfect for a game of mine, sucks i cant add it now, but that is the risk of taking a vacation.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

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I was thinking about making something like this to open-source. (I am working with some other talented developers to create But now that you have made it, we won’t need to!

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ChatPlus Update v1.1.0 :tada:

Yay! The first update for ChatPlus has been released. Re-insert the ChatPlus model to get the new update.

To start off, there is now an official documentation website!

Anyways, here’s the changelog:

  • Added an update checker to notify you when your version of ChatPlus is behind (can be disabled)
  • Added a module within ChatPlus called SpeakerPlus which allows you to easily create ChatSpeakers, edit their formatting, and make them chat.
  • Added another module called ChatUtil which applies ChatPlus FormattingTables to ChatSpeaker objects
  • Added a reference to the built-in ChatPlus system ChatSpeaker object by doing ChatPlus.SystemMessenger
  • Added another config item for setting the formatting of the chat by default (applies to everybody disregarding formatting priority)
  • Removed the events folder and associated events

I love the idea, It looks amazing!

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I might see if I can add some tween effects and color sequences to make it go through a series of colors at once.

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Sounds cool! I might be able to fit those changes into the v1.2.0 update!

In the code it mentions having server messages, is it possible to add my own messages, random lines of text that come through chat every so often.

Yep! You can use the built in system messenger or the SpeakerPlus API to create your own ChatSpeakers!

With SpeakerPlusObjects you can customize how they look, what the name is, and when/what they chat.

Quick update on the roadmap for development

I have quite a few changes in works for the next update along with a bunch of planned changes and suggestions from users. I thought it might be a good idea to share some of what I have planned.

Next update (v1.2.0):

Client based chat settings like enabling BubbleChat easily, BubbleChat colors, chat box visual appearance, etc.

Possibly sometime in the future:

Extremely easy installation commands to be run in the command bar so you don’t have to parent anything or set any basic stuff up

User suggestion [@index_l]: Visual effects for formatting like color tweening and motion

Feel free to suggest other ideas!

ChatPlus Update v1.2.0 :tada:

Re-insert the ChatPlus model to get the new update.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Renamed ChatUtil to Util and made it a module usable by anybody
  • Added ClientChatOptions which allows you to edit the client’s chat settings via the server (sometimes dynamically at any time)
  • A side effect of the new client options is you have to run a line of code in the command line to setup
  • General system improvements

Is there going to be a gamepass tag in the future?

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Why don’t you make it and PR it. :slight_smile:

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Sure! If you want to start working on PR as @sasial said, that would be great!

If not, I can always do it lol.